Gartman on Cyprus: ‘Don’t Mess With Russian Mafia’

The decision to tax Cyprus bank deposits to fund a bailout by the EU was "egregiously bad," Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter said Monday on CNBC.

"Everybody knows that the vast majority of the deposits in Cyprus are from Russia," he said. "They're Russian government officials, they're Russian businessmen, it's Russian mafia – and you don't mess with the Russian mafia."

On "Fast Money," the editor of The Gartman Letter said that the move would not sit well with a powerful contingent of Cyprus bank account holders.

"People around the world don't kidnap Russians because they know that the Russians will deal with you in a very efficient and very ugly manner," he said.

"I think the decision here was egregiously bad. I think this was lunacy on the part of the European monetary authorities, the banking regulators, or whoever it was responsible for making this decision in Cyprus. They have stepped on Russian toes, and the Russians are not going to be happy about this. Somebody will have to pay for it. I think this is very stupid."

Gartman said that he held long positions in Australian, New Zealand and Canadian dollars. He also said that he was short the yen and the euro, whose prospects appeared poor.

"They've broken trend lines. Things look ugly. I think you're going lower in euro, and I think you're going materially lower over time," he said.

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