Traffic Ticket Attorney, Mr. Ticket, Offers Consultation for Speeding tickets in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles, CA, March 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mr. Ticket, traffic ticket attorney, offers drivers who have received a speeding ticket in Los Angeles County a consultation. During this consultation, Mr. Ticket will review the driver's case and citation and determine whether it is worthwhile for them to contest their speeding ticket.

Speeding tickets in Los Angeles County are routinely issued even for drivers going a few miles over the speed limit. So many speeding tickets are issued that Los Angeles County judges are often overwhelmed with tickets. Judges may not even have time to hear the cases for drivers who wish to contest their speeding tickets. In many cases, their tickets are dismissed without even going in front of a judge. This is especially likely to happen if the incident was minor.

Mr. Ticket, speeding ticket lawyer, even helps drivers who were issued a speeding ticket in conjunction with a reckless driving charge, a hit and run, a red light violation ticket, a driving with a suspended license charge, or a DUI citation. While these cases are less likely to be dismissed without a hearing, having a reckless driving attorney present during the hearing can help lend the defendant respectability as well as increase the chances that the judge will take their case seriously and listen to the driver's statements in their own defense.

Drivers who believe that they were not guilty of the speeding violation or who believe that the judge should consider their special or emergency circumstances should go to court to contest their ticket. They should also contact Mr. Ticket, suspended license attorney, before they plead guilty and pay their tickets or before they appear in court. Mr. Ticket, hit and run attorney, has helped thousands of drivers across the state of California get the fines and penalties reduced or even get their speeding ticket dismissed.

Mr. Ticket represents drivers from all over the state of California. He has many years of experience with the California traffic court system, and he knows what it takes to get a ticket dismissed. Contact Mr. Ticket to schedule your consultation. Representatives are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to take calls.

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