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Orlando, FL, March 20, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- GRIP2 LLC (www.grip2umbrellas.com), a privately-owned company that manufactures and sells premium rain umbrellas, announces a 20% off sale on its innovative yet amazingly practical rain umbrellas. The company also offers free shipping in the US on purchases from its website. This sale starts today and is effective through April 15, 2013.

Patented GRIP2 umbrellas add a fundamentally new feature: a repositionable grip that can be located and locked anywhere on the shaft. This allows the umbrella to be comfortably held higher on the shaft for much greater control in windy conditions -- using one hand. Based on scientific principles of grip ergonomics, torque and leverage, the effort needed to hold and control a GRIP2 umbrella is up to 70% less than the effort needed for any other umbrella. Put another way, it can take up to 4 times more effort to control a conventional umbrella.

Gizmodo called this unique product "...the sublimely genius GRIP2 umbrella."

The root of the age-old umbrella control problem is a handle that is located farthest from the canopy -- where wind-generated torque is most severe. For example, in a 20mph wind (classified as a fresh breeze), up to 40lbs of counter force may be needed at the handle to keep the umbrella under control and braced against the wind. This amount of force can be difficult or impossible for many people to apply. Instinctively choking up onto the shaft reduces wind-generated torque, but the skinny shaft is not an ergonomic grip and fingers quickly become strained in gusty conditions. That's because a shaft grip is ~75% weaker than an ergonomic power grip. Often, a user's second hand is not available as a last resort to maintain control at a moment's notice (e.g., using smart phone; carrying items like purse, briefcase, bags, etc.), and the person gets wet and/or the umbrella inverts or gets damaged.

This is a centuries-old problem that's been waiting for an innovative solution. Said Dan O'Donnell, owner of GRIP2 LLC, "With a GRIP2 umbrella, you get maximum coverage and maximum control, so you're finally able to comfortably and confidently walk in the rain."


GRIP2 LLC was founded in late 2010 to manufacture and sell premium GRIP2 rain umbrellas, featuring the patented repositionable grip, premium materials, high-quality construction, and a limited lifetime warranty. GRIP2 LLC's online retail store was launched in October 2012 to sell the company's initial G2.62VF model. Additional premium umbrella models of varying sizes and styles are in development -- all featuring the innovative slidable grip.

CONTACT: Dan O'Donnell, dano@grip2u.com, 407-440-2924

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