Yahoo Gets Personal With Latest Acquisition—Jybe

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Yahoo has acquired Jybe, a company that recommends books, movies and restaurants to users via an iOS application. While the Jybe app was shut down as part of the acquisition, Jybe's five employees will be joining Yahoo.

Make that, returning to Yahoo. They used to work there. Arnab Bhattacharjee, one of the founders of the 2-year-old start-up, was formerly the VP of Yahoo! Search Technology (YST).

Yahoo's move to buy the company was announced on its website Wednesday, and in a tweet by CEO Marissa Mayer, saying: "Welcome back to Yahoo - Arnab, Tim, Christian, Sameer, and Karthik of @JybeInc!" In addition to Bhattacharjee, she was referring to Tim Converse, Christian Kunz, Sameer Paranjpye, and Karthik Krishnamurthy.

In February, Mayer said that Yahoo would make a big push into personalizing content and ads for users.

"All of our experiences across desktop and mobile will ultimately become more personalized," she said at the Goldman Sachs Technology Conference.

The Jybe employees, which include data scientists and engineers, will help Yahoo out in its quest to improve personalization and targeting, said Jay Rossiter, senior vice president of Yahoo's cloud platform group, in a statement.

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