Cramer: These 5 Executives Creating Value

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Before you buy a stock, Jim Cramer always says one of the many metrics to consider is the quality of management.

That is, can you get behind the person in the corner office?

Cramer doesn't believe any company can rally for long if the executive team isn't top notch.

"We do not talk enough about it," said the Mad Money host on Wednesday's broadcast. But it's the mother's milk of profits."

It's not easy to impress Cramer but the following 5 chief executives have done just that with their execution, vision and business smarts. They are all generating value.

Ken Powell, CEO General Mills

Cramer called Powell's performance 'astounding'.

"Think about all of the obstacles that he's helped General Mills overcome: higher commodity prices, a sluggish consumer, endless buy-one-get- one couponing. And what's he done? He's given you nothing less than consistent sleep-at-night earnings reports, endless dividend increases and tremendous share take," Cramer said.

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Stuart Miller, CEO Lennar

Cramer thinks the Lennar CEO has done his father proud.

"It's not easy to follow the towering legacy of Stuart's dad, Leonard. But Stuart's late father has to be smiling somewhere. Lennar has done well in the toughest housing market since the Depression. He's building more homes, making more money per home, and accumulating a land bank that should drive earnings for years and years to come," Cramer said.

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Laura Alber, CEO Williams Sonoma

Cramer thinks this high-end housewares seller looks, well -- delicious.

"Alber has steered Williams Sonoma onto perhaps the best growth path of anyone in the industry. This multi-cylinder company, which includes Pottery Barn and West Elm, is hitting on every one of them. The expectations were so high here and she crushed them. I think we are in the early innings of the growth for WSM, as Alber has taken a company with a stodgy reputation and turned it into a high performance vehicle," Cramer said.

R.A. Walker, CEO Anadarko

Cramer thinks a recent announcement confirms that Walker is driving Anadarko in the right direction.

"Walker has continued the company's reputation as being the best wildcatter in the world. This announcement of a gigantic new find in the Gulf of Mexico is breathtaking and shows there's still plenty of oil left if you know where to look for it," Cramer said.

Greg Wasson, CEO Walgreen

Cramer thinks this executive is driving a renaissance at Walgreen.

"He just inked an amazing deal with AmerisourceBergen that raises estimates for the company while cutting prices for generics," Cramer said. "That's incredible. No wonder we have had multiple upgrades of the company's stock since the announcement of this transaction."

What's the bottom line?

"Nothing matters more than execution," said Cramer. It's a metric that every investor should always consider when picking stocks.

According to Cramer, the executives listed above doing exactly what they're charged with doing -- executing.

"Just think about how hard these people are working for you and how they are delivering for you. These leaders have their eye on the ball," he said.

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