InferX Corporation Expands Management Advisory Board; Two New Members Appointed

STERLING, Va., March 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InferX Corporation (OTCPK:NFRX) announced today appointment of two new members to the InferX Management Advisory Board.

Lawrence Hoffman is a Senior Partner at Raffa P.C., a regional accounting firm based in Washington, D.C., and brings strong qualifications in the financial sector, with particular strengths in the area of forensic accounting and fraud/risk assessment. Building on InferX's prior work with a "Big Four" accounting firm identifying suspect transactions, we are working with Mr. Hoffman to explore creating an analysis practice area to support new CA/CM capabilities ('Continuous Auditing/Continuous Monitoring') which we believe is a high priority among major corporations.

Oliver Alabaster, M.D. is an Oncologist and was a Professor at the GWU Medical Center in Washington, D.C. where he was Director of Cancer Research for twenty years and also the Director of the Institute for Disease Prevention. Dr. Alabaster helped to found the Prevent Cancer Foundation in 1986 and was formerly Vice-Chairman of the Board. He has agreed to assist InferX in developing a predictive analytics solution to identify patients with a high risk of cancer. The proposed solution would be similar to the analytics framework used by InferX to successfully develop the Acute Kidney Injury ("AKI") proof of concept in cooperation with leading researchers in Nephrology at the GWU Medical Center.

The new appointments further complement the Company's existing Management Advisory Board and additional appointments are expected.

InferX pioneered and commercialized a powerful, proprietary suite of predictive data analysis technologies and tools. The Company has two patents issued for its real time, distributed predictive analytics and business intelligence system.

"Developing innovative new solutions to improve performance, reduce costs, increase revenues and even help save lives- that is how next generation analytics is driving today's today's IT revolution, said Paul B. Silverman, InferX CEO and President. "We are changing traditional rules of market, strategy,and operations analysis, driving economic growth, and creating exciting new opportunities. I am pleased Lawrence Hoffman and Dr. Alabaster have joined the InferX team and welcome their support helping InferX meet its ambitious growth objectives in the financial services and healthcare sectors," said Silverman.

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InferX is the market leader in next generation distributed Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence Products and Solutions. InferX has pioneered and commercialized a powerful, patented suite of advanced data analytical solutions that improve corporate performance across the enterprise in the healthcare, financial services, and government markets. InferX is uniquely capable of delivering secure, real-time, and privacy preserving intelligence and decision support — all without the need to move data. InferX is headquartered in Sterling, VA.
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