Bravo Launches Splash Water Solutions on UN World Water Day

NEW YORK, March 22, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bravo Enterprises Ltd. (OTCBB:OGNG) announced today, being official UN World Water Day, that the Company has renamed and launched its water generation division as Splash Water Solutions.

In late November 2012, Bravo purchased the worldwide rights for manufacturing, marketing and distribution of atmospheric water harvesters from Water for the World Manufacturing Inc. of Wellpinit, Washington.

Today marks the launch of Splash Water Solutions Inc., a developer, manufacturer and distributor of Atmospheric Water Harvester (AWH) technology. This technology provides a cost-effective and efficient solution to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from air and turning it into clean, healthy drinking water.

Splash water harvesting machines have the price and quality advantage as well as a proprietary patented drive system that makes the large machines economical to operate in any environment and superior to all other competitors in this innovative yet effective method of creating much needed clean water. Based on relative humidity, the home and office AirMax 3000 can produce up to 30 litres of water per day and the commercial and industrial SpringWell 3000 can produce up to 11,356 litres of clean drinking water per day. Both models are available for sale to anywhere in the world.

Jaclyn Cruz, President of Bravo Enterprises Ltd., stated, "World Water Day is a day when the world recognizes the extreme importance of water to life and also sadly recognizes that close to 900 million people in the world have no access to clean water."

Splash Water Solutions' mission is to develop and distribute sustainable water-generation technologies to those in need of clean drinking water. It will focus on developing its AWH technology and distributing its product line in both developing and developed nations through water foundations, charities, private sector sales and water stores.

"The lack of clean drinking water is one of the world's most pressing problems and we believe that the time has come for atmospheric water technology to be used to address this global crisis," adds Cruz.

The company's new website is at www.SplashWaterSolutions.Org, which provides an overview of the water crisis and Splash's plans to provide efficient and cost effective solutions. An Executive Summary can be accessed on the Company's new website. Distributorships and representatives for the Splash machines are encouraged to join in the Company's march to provide water to all of those who need it.


Bravo Enterprises Ltd. is in the business of acquiring innovative clean tech technologies and adding value to them through developing, manufacturing, marketing and distribution efficiencies. Bravo Enterprises Ltd is a fully reporting U.S. listed company trading on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbol OGNG. Splash Water Solutions is a division of Bravo Enterprises.

For further information contact: 1-888-488-6882

/s/ Jaclyn Cruz
Jaclyn Cruz, President

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