Davie Dog and Cat Boarding Kennel -- A Safe Option for Pets

DAVIE, Fla., March 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet owners who will be traveling this spring for work or vacation are advised to board their pets, rather than leaving them home alone. According to Davie veterinarian Dr. Gary Glickman of Camelot Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel, pets that are left home alone for extended periods can become anxious and stressed, acting out on these feelings by destroying furniture or trying to escape. Even if a neighbor checks on pets, this is not sufficient interaction. Additionally, in the event of a veterinary health emergency, it may be 12 to 24 hours before pets receive the care they need, which can be too little, too late.

Dr. Gary Glickman suggests that a professional dog boarding or cat boarding service provides security, safety and personalized attention, which can help even anxious or nervous pets relax.

"No one wants to leave a family pet at home," said Dr. Glickman. "The best option for pet owners who travel is to use a professional dog boarding or cat boarding service that can provide regular attention, companionship and interactivity. This is critical for all dogs and cats."

Camelot Animal Hospital and Boarding Kennel offers professional boarding services on its substantial acreage - both indoor air-conditioned units for dogs and cats, and sheltered outdoor dog runs. The dog runs are roomy enough to accommodate up to two dogs from the same family.

Every dog enjoys multiple exercise opportunities each day, including walks around the pond or time in the sheltered exercise areas. "Regular activity is key for dogs," said Dr. Glickman. "Many pet owners mistakenly believe that pets will be fine when left home alone. However, a daily visit from a neighbor simply won't suffice. Even independent dogs are accustomed to companionship and the presence of a human. Being left alone with limited physical and mental stimulation is confusing and frustrating for dogs."

Boarding at an animal clinic provides peace of mind for pet owners. Pets are kept in secure kennels, and should a veterinary emergency occur, the hospital staff is available to provide life-saving care. The professional boarding staff follows strict sanitary procedures to keep kennels and dog runs safe and healthy for all pets.

"Pets left home alone are also at increased risk of accidents or escape," said Dr. Glickman. "Boarding at an animal hospital protects them. The veterinarian already has the pet's health information on file, which allows for prompt emergency care."

To ensure excellent pet care for boarders at Camelot, all pet owners must submit proof that their dogs and cats are up-to-date on all core vaccinations and parasite-free. Boarding dogs and cats must be on heartworm, flea and tick preventatives.

Pet owners can learn more about the benefits of dog boarding and cat boarding in Davie by visiting http://www.camelotanimalhospital.org.

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