Location, Location, Location: St. Louis-Based Digital Marketing Firm Makes Local Search Optimization Easy and Affordable for SMBs With New Service Offering

ST. LOUIS, March 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- St. Louis-based digital marketing firm, tSunela, introduces to market an affordable local search optimization package that helps small-to mid-size businesses enhance visibility to prospective customers searching regionally for their products and services.

The service, priced at just $1500 per year, includes local search engine profile listing creation and optimization, submission of organizational information to more than 35 databases from which local search results are pulled, and extensive results monitoring and monthly reporting.

"In 2012, 40% of Internet users purchased a product or service as a result of a local business search," said Kaysha Kalkofen, tSunela co-founder and manager of the firm's Portland, OR location. "Smaller companies want to take advantage of this trend, but with more than 35 local databases from which listing information is pulled, implementation—and expense—can be overwhelming."

Each time a person searches for a type of business, there are many sources they can use (Internet browsers, Yelp, etc.) Many of these sources store local information in a separate database. There are almost a hundred databases out there continually pulling erroneous information about smaller organizations. tSunela's service synchronizes these listings so that client information is correct—across all sources.

"We've wanted to offer a service like this for some time; until recently, though, the tools were not available to make an effective package affordable at this level," said JoAnna Dettmann, co-founder of tSunela and manager of the firm's headquarters in St. Louis, MO. "Location drives purchasing decisions. By choosing to take advantage of this package, clients are choosing to tap into the 61% of users who call a local business after searching and the 59% that visit that location."

In addition to the local search optimization package, clients can choose to add tSunela's call tracking service (priced at $500 per year) that assigns unique tracking numbers to track the calls generated by an enhanced online presence. This service, too, comes with a monthly report detailing the date, time, and inbound phone number for each call.

"This package is perfect for any company that depends on local business," said Kalkofen. "It not only increases your visibility but, more importantly, your accessibility to your target market."

About tSunela

Founded in 2006, by current co-owners JoAnna Dettmann and Kaysha Kalkofen, tSunela provides strategic Internet marketing counsel and recommendation implementation to organizations of any size, in any industry. Specializing in search engine optimization, paid search marketing, web analytics, social media marketing and online media, tSunela provides clients with a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy that can deliver an increase in Internet visibility. For more information, www.tSunela.com or contact joanna@tSunela.com.

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