Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) Chooses Performance Canvas to Deliver On-demand Health Analytics and Key Performance Indicators to Effect Outcomes of Public Health Programs


STOCKHOLM, Sweden, March 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DSPanel, an end user focused business intelligence and structured financial planning software company, today announced an agreement with Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC), to enable the delivery of data-rich, on-demand analytics, KPIs and dashboards to the public health care sector.

STC and their state department of health partners utilize legacy databases to store large volumes of reportable public health information and wanted to provide their clients a more structured and visual way of presenting their data. STC needed a solution that could supply visualizations and enable the users to use Excel, the web and mobile clients to manipulate those visualizations for ad-hoc reporting. On top of these requirements, STC lacked an easy-to-use data warehouse and wanted to work with a company that understood the business of selling software packages and could help them develop, package and sell a new product in less than two months.

"We really love the Canvas tools, especially the easy-to-use UI and the functionality available," said Jennifer Simpson, PhD, STC Senior Public Health Advisor and Epidemiologist. "We also appreciated their knowledge and professionalism, and are pleased that DSPanel is flexible to our needs. We are excited to put Canvas into deployment for our clients!"

An easy-to-use UI is extremely important for STC as their clients are health care professionals who need to quickly retrieve information without needing to learn a new system. They can choose between an Excel front end, a web-based front end, or for those users in the field, a mobile front end.

"Because of Performance Canvas's ability to be embedded on-top-of multiple ERP systems while using tools such as Excel that are familiar to the user, Performance Canvas enables software vendors like STC to expand their portfolio of products within months instead of years," said Hakan Ebersjö, VP of Sales, DSPanel. "Like many of our customers, STC also found our business knowledge and ability to help them package a solution that was tailored to their market, incomparable and extremely unique. Most software vendors only provide their customers with the software, DSPanel, believes in providing our customers with superior software and business acumen."

About Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC)

STC serves on the front line of disease detection and risk management to save lives and increase the health and welfare of communities. The company is widely recognized as a leading public health informatics and services company in the U.S. They play a key role in protecting the public from diseases by implementing innovative technical solutions that create on-demand data for real time decisions in the event of outbreaks and minimizing the economic and health impacts of vaccine preventable disease. STC staff, committed to improving public health through the applied use of population health data, offer a unique blend of public health advisors and applied IT specialists who work together to create cost effective public health technology solutions.

About DSPanel

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