Continuity Control Presents Bank of the Sierra's Sarah Scott With "Control Freak of the Year" Award

HONOLULU, March 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Continuity Control, a comprehensive regulatory compliance management platform built for community financial institutions, announced today that its first annual "Control Freak of the Year" award goes to Sarah Scott, vice president, risk manager with Bank of the Sierra. The Control Freak program, a certification program developed by Continuity Control, trains banking professionals how to leverage automation to improve efficiency and effectiveness in risk and compliance management.

"We created the Control Freak of the Year award to honor the spirit of innovation in community banking compliance and risk management," said Andy Greenawalt, founder and CEO of Continuity Control. "The work of compliance management isn't usually associated with improving efficiency, but that is exactly what Sarah Scott has done. By automating more than 100 processes throughout the bank, she has established a compliance process that eliminates many manual, time-consuming tasks to free up time and energy to focus on more urgent risk management functions. It's also thrilling that Sarah is being recognized at the WIB Innovation Awards."

Through Sarah's efforts the bank has automated more than 600 activities impacting work done by over 400 employees. Nearly 100 of these were custom controls built by Sarah on the Continuity Control platform to meet the specific and unique needs of the Bank of the Sierra. Automated activities range from vendor management, UDAAP, compliance issue routing, Regulation CC check holds and many more.

"I'm honored to be the first Control Freak of the Year. Being a certified control freak is quite the compliment in my area of expertise," said Sarah Scott. "As a $1.5 billion community bank, we needed a way to better manage risk, not just assess it. As an attorney by training, I'm not a programmer, but with Continuity Control and the Control Freak program they put me in the driver's seat to enable me to define automated controls that fit our bank's specific compliance program. As powerful as this capability is, the surprising part is its simplicity."

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