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Santa Barbara, March 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Governet announced today that Ohio will become the fourth statewide higher education system to upgrade, automate and network curriculum development, processing and management with CurricUNET, the award-winning online curriculum management system. The plan to adopt CurricUNET Meta was initiated as a collaborative effort between Ohio Board of Regents and STEM Grant recipient, Kent State University Center for Excellence in the Teaching of Science and Mathematics in order to help the Center meet its special requirements for program review and reporting.

The CurricUNET Meta installation will serve that need for the Center for Excellence and will also facilitate and streamline reporting and program review for Ohio's entire statewide system, which is conducted by the Ohio Board of Regents.

"As our fourth statewide system of higher education, the Ohio system brings the added innovation of streamlining program reviews, as well as specific reporting requirements supporting its prestigious STEM program centered at Kent State University," said Governet CEO, George Tamas.

Currently serving statewide systems in California, Illinois and Iowa, the CurricUNET web-based system will provide unprecedented connectivity between Ohio's public system of 14 universities, 24 regional branch campuses and 23 community colleges, and connect all of its public, private and for-profit colleges and universities with other CurricUNET subscribers via the emerging Worldwide Curriculum Network.

"Through this initiative we will access the latest technology to streamline the statewide system for program submission and review while sustaining a rigorous, detailed review process," said Stephanie Davidson, Interim Chancellor of the Board of Regents. "I am confident that the integration of statewide program review for all public, private and for-profit institutions of higher education in Ohio will reduce unnecessary or duplicative effort and decrease our processing time."

Established in 1963, the Ohio Board of Regents is comprised of nine board members with two ex-officio legislative representatives appointed by the Governor with advice and consent of the State Senate. In addition to advising the Chancellor, the purpose of the board is to develop an independent annual report on the Condition of Higher Education in Ohio, and issue an annual performance review of the Chancellor.

"We are very pleased that the Ohio Board of Regents has chosen to adopt CurricUNET," said Tamas, who concluded, "We truly believe that the unique nature of the Ohio system, by integrating statewide curriculum processing for all public, private, and for-profit institutions of higher education, will set a new standard for other states to follow."

About Governet and CurricUNET:

Governet is a leading provider of innovative Web-based solutions for higher education institutions. These solutions address local campus, statewide system, and international collaborative network issues in curriculum development, management and accreditation. Governet's core application is CurricUNET, the award-winning curriculum management system designed to streamline curriculum processes from planning to articulation by improving workflow efficiency, reporting and approval processes and institutional connectivity. Currently serving more than 550 colleges and universities, including several state-wide systems throughout the U.S., Canada and the United Arab Emirates, and recently adopted by California's ground-breaking ASSIST, which connects and facilitates articulation between all of the state's higher education systems, CurricUNET provides its users access to more than 600,000 course outlines and 47,000 program and degree programs. Via this transformational database, Governet is guiding the development of best practices standards for curriculum and creating what is rapidly becoming the Worldwide Curriculum Network. For more information about Governet and CurricUNET, please visit

About Ohio State Board of Regents:

The Ohio Board of Regents, a nine-member advisory board to the Chancellor with two ex-officio representatives from the state legislature, was created in 1963 by the General Assembly. Members of the Board of Regents are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. Responsibilities of the Board include, developing an independent annual report on the Condition of Higher Education in Ohio, and issuing an annual performance review of the Chancellor. The Board is also responsible for advising the Chancellor on issues of statewide importance affecting higher education.

About Kent State STEM Center for Excellence in the Teaching Science and Mathematics:

The Kent State STEM Center for Excellence in the Teaching of Science and Mathematics was the recipient of the National Science Foundation's $1.08 million grant to support the university's Noyce Scholars Program designed to increase the number of highly qualified middle and high school teachers in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, mathematics and physics. The STEM grant funding, secured under the direction of Dr. Andrew Tonge, will provide scholarships for 50 recent STEM majors to become certified with a Master of Arts in Teaching licensure program.

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