U.S. Security Associates Employees Volunteer as Honor Flight Guardians to World War II Veterans

U.S. Security Associates Inc.

ATLANTA, March 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Security services and social responsibility go hand in hand. A top security company makes a positive difference in the communities it performs contract security services every day. Likewise, people who seek careers in security often do so because they are driven to make a difference in the communities where they live and work.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) recognizes that a strong sense of social responsibility delivers intangible employment benefits and is committed to building social responsibility not only through its own corporate efforts, but also by supporting the outreach efforts of its employees. Two USA employees, District Manager John MacLeod and Account Manager Michael Cline, recently had the honor of participating as Guardians on Honor Flights from Columbia, South Carolina and Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Washington, D.C.

The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to honor America's veterans . The organization arranges free guided transport of veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials, giving priority to senior veterans who may only have one opportunity for such a trip. Honor Flight provides veterans with bonding opportunities with others who have been in similar circumstances, life-long memories and a chance to be recognized and celebrated as heroes.

The role of an Honor Flight Guardian is to personally care for veterans during their travels from their hub destination to Washington D.C. and back again. Guardians provide assistance and guidance with a range of services, such as: assisting with trip planning and itinerary, supervising their charges' safety and physical needs, verifying that announcements are heard and understood, keeping an eye out for their personal items (deterring theft and ensuring nothing is accidentally left behind), stimulating conversation and listening with a sympathetic ear, ensuring the veteran's trip costs are entirely covered, and treating them with the respect and consideration of a loved family member or friend. Guardians act as the veterans' eyes, ears and hands during the trip. But by the end of the trip, most Guardians will tell you that it is their hearts that were affected most by the experience.

"I would like to thank U.S. Security Associates for sponsoring me and giving me an experience I will truly not forget! Throughout the day I was able to see both the smiles and tears from the veterans and those who had the honor of being their escort. It humbled me in ways I cannot even begin to express," says Michael Cline.

When asked about his experience and favorite part of the trip, Cline's answer is "The whole thing. But when I approached the Iwo Jima statue, with its black figures and waving flag silhouetted against a blue sky, and met a Marine who actually witnessed the flag raising, the conversation brought me to a profound level of emotion for him and all who served."

John MacLeod participated in honor of his father, who served in the Army Air Corp in the Pacific Theatre, and recommends the experience to anyone. "I was fortunate to have been assigned as guardian to two ambulatory gentlemen, each 86 year old WWII veterans, who were lifelong friends and had enlisted together in the army. One of the two men had made the army his career, and had served in WWII, Korean War, and the Vietnam War. We visited all three of those memorials. I received a terrific letter from him afterward, describing the trip as 'the most satisfying day of his life.'"

MacLeod describes the high point for him, and a perfect end to the trip for the veterans, "was the surprise waiting at the airport when we returned: cheering crowds, marching bands, cheerleaders, people of all descriptions, all thanking these men for their service."

In every region where USA conducts business, there are heartfelt stories of employees contributing to their communities. While USA may be one of the nation's largest security companies, its success is driven by employees who are local community supporters, neighbors and friends.


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