Private Label Skin Announces Launch of New Anti-Aging Creme Line for Private Manufacture and Branding

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., March 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Private Label Skin, Inc. (PLS) (, a privately held Skincare Development company in St Petersburg, Florida, has announced today the launch of its new Anti-Aging Skin Care Line specializing in treatment of advanced aging skin. "We have been focusing on specialty delivery methods of topical ingredients, and specialized mixing technology for formulation dispersion. We are excited about the efficacy of these products in delivering a high potency of active compounds for our advanced aging skin care line." - William Oliver, CEO

Currently the advanced aging skincare products are only available to the private label skin care industry for customers looking for line extension or to improve product performance for a new or existing product line. Private Label Skin's packaging facility features a diverse range of packaging and labeling configurations which allow for the versatility to package and label for all major chain retail packaging requirements.

According to PLS's CEO, William Oliver, PLS has recruited a world class development & production management team. "Our development team includes former R&D staffers from Burts Bees, Revlon, and Aveda's commercial development teams.... Our production management team was put together with product consistency & quality in mind."

"PLS is in an acquisition mode right now. We are seeking strategic partners who can create synergistic relationships with us. For example, we're also interested in acquiring printing, and fulfillment companies who can provide complementary services to our already robust range of services. This means cash and capacity to take our companies to the next level. We're stoked about our new product line. And we're moving properly to complete and fulfill all of our new orders. Despite this sudden growth, PLS is committed to remaining debt-free and focused on fundamentals such as building equity, earning trust from our customers and stake holders, delivering superior products, and giving back to the community," said Oliver.

About Advanced Aging Skin Care

The Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care product line includes staple, and specialty products for all forms of skin aging including:
Anti-Aging Crème - A breakthrough in anti-aging skin moisturizing!
Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer - Another breakthrough in anti-aging skin moisturizing!
Anti-Aging Night Treatment - A breakthrough in (breakout free) nighttime skin moisturizing!
Anti-Aging Facial Serum - Rejuvenate Skin and restore Collagen
Instant Face Lift - Instantly tighten the skin
Advanced Eye Treatment - Dark circle, and Puffy Eye Treatment
Lip Enhancement Crème - The Best All Around Lip Treatment Available!
Skin Light & Bright Treatment - Our Skin Tone balancing and Lightening treatment

About Private Label Skin, Inc.

Private Label Skin, Inc. (PLS) develops, manufactures and packages premium skin care products. Owned and operated by the Oliver brothers (William & Adam), PLS currently employs 50 of the most highly skilled, experienced professionals in the industry and to date has commercialized over 100 brands.

More than 250 customers around the globe rely on PLS from the early stages of manufacturing to packaging and design selection to finished product fulfillment. Our customers rank among the world's top direct marketing companies, online retailers and wholesalers

CONTACT: Will Oliver - 877-516-2200

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