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CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AvidXchange, leading provider of payment and AP automation solutions for midsize companies, announced today that they will be offering a free webinar, "No Paper. No Problems.", featuring Author and Automation Expert, Christopher Elmore, on Wednesday, April 10th at 2:00PM EDT. Christopher Elmore will be teaching attendees how to calculate their Cost per Process and optimize an existing automation project or start an automation project with all of the tools and knowledge necessary to be successful. Christopher Elmore has been helping companies transition to a paperless process for more than a decade, and has gained invaluable insight into the payment and AP industry that he enjoys sharing with companies to prevent them from repeating mistakes that other companies have made. He has written two books, The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation and The Argument to Automate, which share Elmore's best practices for implementing and using AP and payment automation while punctuating them with humor as frequently as possible. He has a new book that is due to be published May of this year.

"I have learned a lot from the first two books, and didn't necessarily want to write a third, but saw there was something missing that needed to be addressed" commented Christopher Elmore. "I truly believe in the power of AP and payment automation, and consider myself a paperless evangelist. I can't wait to share concepts from my new book, and help people improve their existing automation projects or start an automation project off on the right foot," added Elmore.

"No Paper. No Problems. The 4 Keys to Successful Automation" will be the first time that Elmore shares material from his new book, which will focus on identifying the advocate, the person who can help drive change in your organization, for your automation project. He will also share some concepts from his other books, such as how to calculate Cost per Process for manual AP and payment processes. He will also share the importance of understanding the true value of the time that is freed up as a result of automation. Manual tasks, such as filing invoices or signing checks, can be replaced with high value tasks that result in long-term growth and sustainability. To learn more about the webinar, please click here: No_Paper_No_Problems.

About Christopher Elmore

Gaining experience from the real world with real clients, Chris has found unique ways to communicate the need for vision and planning when automating. His experience has culminated in the publishing of The 8 Pitfalls of Accounts Payable Automation (April 2011), and The Argument to Automate (March 2012). Chris lives in Charlotte, NC where business, four kids and a wife keep him very busy. Stay connected with Chris by reading his blog: http://apautomation.wordpress.com or following him on twitter: @AP_Automation

About AvidXchange

AvidXchange revolutionizes the way companies pay their bills. Accounts Payable automation increases control and visibility into the bill payment process to reduce processing time, allow early payment discounts and eliminate late fees. Automation eliminates paper by electronically capturing invoices, using intelligent business rules to route invoices for approval and storing all information electronically providing anytime, anywhere access to invoice status and history. AvidXchange makes it easy to automate and backs this great customer experience with a 45-day implementation guarantee. As the first SaaS technology vendor to automate invoice processing, AvidXchange works with suppliers to electronically send and receive all invoices through the AvidBill Network. Standard integration to more than 35 accounting systems speeds adoption and simplifies setup. AvidInvoice significantly reduces operating costs and improves productivity in a company's accounts payable department. AvidPay eliminates 100% of paper checks from company's payment processes, maintains vendor information and payment preferences, and facilitates payments for every invoice, every vendor, and every bank. Headquartered in Charlotte North Carolina, AvidXchange is privately held with over 150 employees nationwide. Contact us at 800.560.9305/ info@AvidXchange.com

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