Trifork Notice of Annual General Meeting

AARHUS, Denmark, March 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Annual General Meeting of Trifork A/S is to be held:

Thursday, April 18th, 2013 at 17:00

in the Company's offices in Aarhus N - Dyssen 1, 8200 Aarhus N.


  1. Directors' report on the Company's activities during the past year.
  2. Presentation of the annual report for 2012 with the auditor's signatures for approval, including approval of the remuneration policy for directors and executives, which are printed in the annual report.
  3. Resolution on the appropriation of profits according to the annual report.
  4. The Board proposes a dividend of 25% of the parent Company's share of net profit of DKKm 18.6. This corresponding to DKKm 4.5 or DKK 0.25 per share, while DKKm 14.1 is transferred to the next financial year.
  5. Election of Board Members.
    • Johan Blach Petersen (chairman)
    • Birthe H. Andersen
    • Jeppe Opstrup
  6. Election of auditors
  7. The Board proposes re-election of the Chartered Accountants Beierholm as auditor.
  8. Any other business.
  9. There are no further proposals from the board and shareholders.

Adoption Requirements

Adoption of the items require a simple majority.

Participatory procedures, proxy and voting:

Admission to the general assembly can, until April 14, 2013 at 23.59 be obtained electronically via VP Investor Services website: and

Admission card will be sent to the address of the shareholder, which is registered in the company register of shareholders. The admission card will show the number of votes attributable to the shareholder.

Shareholders can until April 14, 2013 at 23.59 electronically via the Company or VP Investor Services website: or submit electronic proxy, after which admission shall be forwarded to the agent.

Shareholders can until April 16, 2012 at 16.00 make postal votes. Form for submission of postal voting is available on the Company's website: The completed and signed form must be received by VP Investor Services (fax 4358 8867) or company (fax 8732 8788) within this deadline.

Share capital and capital owners to vote:

  • The Company's share capital is 18,000,000.

The statutes contain the following provisions for voting rights:

  • 8.1 Each share of DKK 1 carries one vote.
  • 8.2 The shares acquired by transfer shall not be exercised without voting rights, the shares have been listed in the register of shareholders no later than 7 days before the meeting.

Registration date:

Shares must be registered in the register of shareholders no later than the April 11, 2013 to be eligible to vote.

Documents / information:

Trifork annual report was published on March 21, 2013, and can be downloaded electronically from the Company's website

The following documents are also available on the company website

  • This Notice with the complete agenda, the complete proposals and information on the number of shares and voting rights.
  • The documents to be presented at the Annual General Meeting, including the annual report.
  • Presentation of the board-members
  • Forms for proxy voting.
  • Form for submission of post.

Statutes / mandates

The applicable statutes can be found on the Company's website.

Practical information:

Dividends approved at the general meeting, will be paid out through VP Securities A/S, after deduction of withholding tax. Shareholders may exercise their financial rights through Nordea.

About Trifork

Trifork was founded in 1996 and is listed on NASDAQ OMX in Copenhagen. It is an innovative software development company focusing on Mobile, Agile and Cloud. It develops and delivers business critical IT systems for several sectors including finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing and telecom. Trifork employs 235 people in 11 offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, Krakow, Stockholm and San Francisco. At the end of 2012 Trifork had a market value at DKKm 243 / EUR 33M, with a turnover of DKKm 223 / EURm 30.

Kind regards,

Board of directors, Trifork A/S

Trifork A/S


DK-8000 Arhus C, Denmark

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CEO, Joern Larsen

Direct: +41 79 430 9697


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