Detroit Trading Company Releases New Auto Shopping Platform

Detroit Trading Company

Southfield, MI, March 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Detroit Trading Company has released a new automotive shopping tool that can be easily integrated into high trafficked websites and combines all of the tools a prospective car shopper might need to find the car they're looking for. This Automotive Platform combines content from AutoWeek along with new car quote forms, inventory from dealers across the country and the ability to pre-qualify for financing.

Detroit Trading Company's Automotive Platform is easy to integrate into any website, requiring little to no work. The white label tool can be skinned to fit seamlessly into any website, giving the automotive consumer everything they need all in one place, eliminating any redirects to other sites. Website owners have the ability to pick and choose which shopping tools are included in any format.

Harvey Kaplan, CEO of praises the tool for its easy implementation and huge revenue benefits: "The biggest benefit of Detroit Trading Company's new Auto Platform is that it has helped to increase my site's average daily revenue by over 500%. This is largely due to high conversion rates and the fact that all leads now generated on my site sell to a paying dealer since there is no "filler" content. The tool was easy to integrate into my site, and it requires no maintenance as Detroit Trading regularly updates all of the features and inventory. The customizable widgets allow me to pick and choose which features I want shown so it fits in perfectly and keeps users on my pages."

"This tool is unlike any other offered in our industry," notes John Campbell, COO of Detroit Trading. "We have combined both new and used data into one easy to use shopping resource, while also giving consumers multiple ways to get in touch with a dealership, whether it's by phone, through a web form, or by applying for pre-qualified financing. Having these options helps to increase revenue for our generators. We're very excited to add this platform to our suite of automotive lead products."

Detroit Trading Company is responsible for the sale and distribution of all leads generated, enabling website owners to concentrate on their core business activities. "We enjoy one of the largest automotive lead distribution networks in the nation," said Don Campbell, CEO. This innovative cloud based tool is the latest Detroit Trading rollout in a line of tools built to better assist interested auto shoppers with the dealership and the car they're looking for.

For more information, please contact Alison Perrin, Director of Marketing, at (248) 352-1313.

About Detroit Trading Company: Detroit Trading Company has been serving the automotive leads industry since 2004 under the premise of creating superior products and services based on the principles of efficiency, experience and integrity. Detroit Trading Company's lead distribution network includes 25 original equipment manufacturers and every major lead aggregator in the nation. You can follow Detroit Trading Company on Facebook, Twitter (@DetroitTradngCo), Google+ and at

CONTACT: Alison Perrin Director of Marketing (248) 352-1313

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