‘Beta Play Running Out of Steam’: Analyst

Investors would do well to look at sectors that still have potential margin expansion and are underperforming, Andres Garcia-Amaya of JP Morgan Asset Management said Wednesday.

Reacting to a conversation on CNBC's "Fast Money," Garcia-Amaya questioned the point of profit-taking now.

"If I were to take profits off the table, what would I do with that money? Would I go to bonds? Not really. Would I go to cash? Unless I want to lose the value of my money. Maybe buy a house, but aside from that, equities still offer the best value," he said. "But I do think the beta play is running out of a little bit of steam."

The global market strategist said that investors needed to seek sectors with margin expansion ahead and have underperformed, such as materials, industrials and financials, which he called "a huge leveraged play on housing."

Garcia-Amaya did not see much long-term potential in health care and was wary about home builders.

"It is one sector that I think is more resilient in case we get more headwinds but looking three, five years out, I don't think it has as much of an upside," he said. "I think if I were a homebuilder, this is a great time as a homebuilder/investor. You've got to be cautious a little bit about valuation."

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