Short Gasoline on Demand Dip: Kelly

Strength in natural gas means lower prices for oil, Shelter Harbor Capital's Brian Kelly said Wednesday.

Reacting to Citigroup research that forecasted that global oil demand to plateau by the end of the decade.

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Kelly revealed his trade: "It's short gasoline, long natural gas."

"If you look at gasoline, we were about 9 million barrels a day in demand in 2007," he added. "We're down to about 8 million barrels per day, so you're really starting to see that fall-off there."

Kelly warned that the energy trade was still linked to cold weather.

"In the long run, you'll be all right with nat gas," he added.

Josh Brown of Fusion Analytics said he liked ETF IEO, looking at producers of natural gas and oil while looking at consolidation.

"ExxonMobil pulled the trigger on XTO a couple of years ago. What they got in the bargain was a massive nat gas field," he said. "BP has done similar deals.

"It's very clear that that's where everything is going, so if you can find a company with those kinds of exposures and those leases in shale plays, it's probably going to be a winner over time."