‘Has Train Left the Station?’: Top Pro

An area not talked about much over the past year holds plenty of promise, Mariner Wealth Advisors CIO Bill Greiner said Wednesday on CNBC.

Ranked No. 4 on Barron's Top 100 Financial Advisors for 2012, Greiner said that he was focused on quality and growth, as well as valuation.

"We're asking the question of: Has the train left the station, as far as the markets are concerned? We really don't think they have," he said on "Fast Money."

Greiner's top sector: Emerging markets.

"This is an area that a lot of people haven't talked about over the last year or so because the emerging markets in dollar terms are down about 1 percent over the last 12 month," he said.

Greiner, who has $7 billion in assets under management, said that he favored Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Latin America and U.S. energy plays in natural gas.

Aside from ETFs iShares Asia and SPDR S&P Emerging Latin America, Greiner saw continued growth from the likes of El Paso Pipeline, up 19 percent this year.

In the energy space, he said, the company was a play on the transportation of fuel.

"You're wanting volumes," he said. "The pipelines play hard in that volume theme."

Greiner also said that he was keeping an eye on another sector.

"We also are starting to warm up on finance," he said, citing talk of an economic contraction.

"We think the probability of that happening over the next couple of years is going to start accelerating," he said.