Itonis Pharmaceuticals Announces Initial Marketing Plans for Anti-Nausea Products

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., March 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Itonis, Inc. (ITNS) and Charles Hensley, PhD., the inventor of the Zicam® cold remedy, are pleased to announce their initial marketing plans for their over-the-counter homeopathic products for the relief of nausea.

Dr. Hensley commented, "Many millions of Americans will travel this year and approximately 33% of the population is susceptible to motion sickness, even in mild circumstances. The specter of becoming nauseous on a trip continues to be a big issue for leisure travelers. Our initial marketing objective is to introduce our anti-nausea products to the traveling population by partnering with airlines, cruise ship lines, hotels and internet travel sights as well as other professionals in the travel industry."

Itonis Pharmaceuticals plans to announce other aspects of the overall marketing plan for this product in near future.

About Itonis Pharmaceuticals

Itonis Pharmaceuticals, a new division of Itonis, Inc., is headed by Charles Hensley, Ph.D. This division's mission is to create and market over-the-counter and prescription homeopathic products that better people's lives. Dr. Hensley is a pioneer in the development and marketing of safe and effective therapeutic nutraceutical and homeopathic preparations. He was a founder of Geltech, LLC, the company that launched the Zicam® Cold Remedy, making the product a household name and forever changing the marketing and product placement paradigm for homeopathic drugs in the United States. Dr. Hensley and his team plan to use the same methodologies to revolutionize the treatment of several other common ailments and other chronic diseases.

About Itonis, Inc.

Itonis, Inc. was incorporated in the state of Nevada on July 5, 2005 under the name of Kenshou, Inc., which later changed to Itonis, Inc. on December 2, 2005. For more information, please visit

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