Speedy Domino's Is Slowing Things Down

Dominos Pizza
Source: Dominos

Domino's Pizza, once known for its "30 minutes or less" delivery, is slowing things down.

The company this week launched a new advertising campaign touting its Homemade Pan Pizza, which "takes a bit longer to make" and features "fresh, never-frozen dough."

"Domino's used to be all about speed," says franchisee Robert Gavitt of Dallas in the new 30-second spot. "Not anymore."

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That's saying a lot from a company that has held a World's Fastest Pizza Maker competition since 1983.

Domino's Pizza spokesperson Chris Brandon said the Handmade Pan Pizza, which was introduced last fall, is the company's biggest new product since 2010. A two–topping pan pizza is available for $7.99. "When it comes to the pan pizza, it's a little slower," he said, adding that it takes "a little more time to make sure it's done correctly."

The ad was created by Domino's agency CP&B.

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Philip Schlitz, director of business development and client strategy at TBA Global, said that anything Domino's Pizza can do to differentiate itself in a saturated market is a good move.

"Ultimately, from a branding perspective, I applaud them," he said.

The risk, Schlitz said, is that by focusing on fresh ingredients and handmade quality, Domino's could alienate its existing customers who want cheap pizza delivered fast.

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Domino's ended its "30 minutes or less" delivery promise in 1993 after a series of lawsuits against the company involving its delivery drivers.

"A lot of people still associate us with 30-minute delivery," Brandon said. "But that guarantee has been gone for a very long time."

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