Fast Money Madness: Google vs. IBM

The "Fast Money Madness" contest drew closer to naming the top stock in the land Thursday, with a battle of technology giants, top-seeded Google and No. 2-seeded IBM, as well as a match-up between fifth-seeded Disney and No. 11 eBay.

(See the full "Fast Money Madness" bracket here.)

No. 1 Google vs. No. 2 IBM

StockMonster's Guy Adami voted for Google to advance to the next round.

"Google's going to have ups and downs, a lot of swings, but I think in the end the swing will be higher, so I'm going with the GOOG," he said.

Enis Taner of RiskReversal made it 2-0 in Google's favor.

"It's going to be a rocky ride, but they're developing applications and products in areas that are, so far, unconquered, whereas IBM is in a more staid environment, depending on international revenues for almost half of their revenues," he said.

Tim Seymour of tipped the scales toward a 3-2 Google victory.

"You've got to go with Google here, and this is really a stock I think could really surprise people," he said.

Shelter Harbor Capital's Brian Kelly made it unanimous for Google among the "Fast Money" traders.

"My pick on Google is more about not wanting to be in IBM, especially after what we saw from Oracle, Red Hat, TIBX," he said.

The fifth vote, coming from the Twitter crowd, broke away from the traders' consensus and went to Big Blue.

No. 5 Disney vs. No. 11 eBay

Kelly noted the big business in kids and pets.

"Disney has the kids area wrapped up," he said. "Not only that, they also have content, and content is king in this world here, so I pick Disney."

Seymour also liked Disney.

"These guys control content, which means these guys own you all the way through the life cycle," he said.

Taner made it a Disney victory, but took time to talk trash on its competitor.

"I think on eBay, though, the problem for me with the stock is that it's a PayPal business with an add-on legacy business that's not growing," he said.

Adami took the contrarian position with eBay.

"I'll take eBay, just because I plan on, for the first time in my 49 years on god's green Earth to use that eBay thing," he said.

Twitter followers of "Fast Money" liked eBay, but Google advances.