Lakewood Veterinarian Focuses on Pet Nutrition as Part of Pet Wellness Care

LAKEWOOD, Colo., March 31, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood, CO announced that the animal hospital offers pet nutrition counseling as part of the practice's pet wellness care services. "A nutritious diet is just as important for pets as it is for humans," says Lakewood veterinarian Dr. Eric L. Eisen. Together with fellow veterinarian Dr. Erika Olson, Dr. Eisen is educating pet owners about proper pet nutrition, including how to pick the right pet food for a pet's dietary needs. As part of the animal hospital's wellness program, the veterinarians can assist pet owners with an elimination diet if a food allergy is suspected, and then make dietary recommendations.

"The variety of foods available at the average pet store can be overwhelming," said Lakewood veterinarian Dr. Eric L. Eisen. "Nutritional counseling helps pet owners feel confident that they are choosing the right food for their pet's needs."

Nutritional counseling is beneficial for pets of all ages, including puppies and kittens and senior pets. A specially formulated large breed diet will help large and giant breed puppies safely gain weight without straining their bones and joints in the process.

Senior pets may also have special dietary requirements. Specially formulated foods can address joint health, a thyroid imbalance, bladder or urinary tract problems, and digestive health. Dietary supplements may also ease arthritis symptoms.

"Proper nutrition is important for pets at every stage of their life," said Dr. Eisen. "That's why we incorporate nutrition counseling into our regular wellness appointments. Pet dietary management can address specific health concerns and also ensure that pets remain a healthy weight throughout their lives."

Overweight pets, like humans, are also at risk for obesity-related health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. Some pets may become overweight because their owners overestimate how much food the pets actually need on a daily basis. A special diet can help pets lose the pounds and get healthy.

"We know that pet owners want the very best for their pets," said Lakewood veterinarian Dr. Erika Olson. "Unfortunately, pet food labels can be misleading. Given the recent number of pet food recalls and pet treat contamination problems, owners must be vigilant when choosing their pet's food and treats. Our veterinary team is here to answer questions and help pet owners make healthy pet food choices."

In addition to pet nutrition counseling, Lakewood veterinary hospital provides comprehensive pet wellness care. These services include vaccinations, puppy and kitten care, pet surgery, and pet acupuncture for holistic pain management.

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