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HYDERBAD, India, April 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management which reaches out to the top spending private and public hospitals and medical laboratories in addition to the national and regional health authorities and health ministries throughout Asia with its print publications now has come up with Web Analytics for Healthcare Marketing. is keeping pace with this rapid transformation by moving ahead in the market with its latest improvements in Web Analytics in Healthcare Marketing through:

Measuring site traffic – The number of people visiting the site and staying on it will enable us to check the reach of the website/portal.

Improving search rankings – This enables to improve the volume or quality of traffic coming to the website through different search engines.

Real-time campaign reporting – It is defined by Click-through rate (CTR), which is a way of evaluating the success of an online advertising campaign for a particular website as well as the effectiveness of an email campaign by the number of users that clicked on a specific link. Whereas, an email click-through rate is defined as the number of recipients who clicked one or more links in a single email and landed on the sender's website, or page. This metrics is usually used with other metrics like open rate, bounce rate and other metrics, to understand the effectiveness and success of their email campaign.

Mobilization Mobile users have increased from leaps and bounds, and mobile apps, mobile compatible websites are a trend these days. As people want to check the updates wherever they are on their personalised mobile screens. Mobilization focuses on mobile search marketing, a good mobile web experience, better integration of mobile into the multichannel experience, and better integration of mobile throughout the company (marketing, customer service etc). M-commerce is the buzz word today. It makes us hyper-local, you can read asianhhm on your personal mobiles whenever you want.

Email Marketing It is an exact return on investment as it provides tracking information. Email marketing helps Communicate immediately, within seconds as the message is delivered to the subscribers. It helps to Create a dynamic visual content.

Multi-Media Content Website Content is judged as the most essential detail to have on a website. But today there's a new insight towards using other media like Videos, audios, infographics etc for search engine optimized content in an attempt to furnish a richer, highly ranked online content, as well as a variety of quality material for the search engines to index on. It is about creating great content that people will want to read, link to, talk about and share.

"The future for analytics in healthcare marketing is of growing importance. As we continue to drive towards greater value in health care (higher quality, better service, lower cost), it will act as a path to purchase information to understand where we have opportunities, in reaching the people virtually, what are the various driving factors which initiate change and bring more business profits," believes Md. Azeemuddin, Director, WEB Asian Hospitals and Healthcare Management.

With the number of new healthcare marketing trends coming up, is all geared up to make its services touch heights and all their clients to benefit the most from these services.

At, we collaborate with our clients, to bring together business insights, achieve the common goal to maximise profits with advanced research and technology in designing the services in the best possible way, to give them a distinct advantage in today's industry environment. Through our integrated business solutions and approach we help them to turn their strategies into visible actions. And we encourage client to take fruitful risks and to expand their reach in terms of Online presence.


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