Davos Financial Group's Innovative Capacity to Maximize Clients' Investments is Highlighted by a European Magazine

LONDON, April 1, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Due to the Latin American Economic Forum, the renowned magazine The European outlined in its March issue the successful innovative capacity that Davos Financial Group has for offering its customers solutions that enhance their investments, thanks to a consolidated vision of their assets and an efficient way to evaluate the costs and risks associated therewith.

The European, March Edition

For over 18 years Davos Financial Group has offered an innovative structure of personalized financial advisory services designed to provide solid investment solutions to protect and maximize client's assets. The European caught up with a representative to find out a bit more about the firm, its ethos and strategies.

The European: Tell us about Davos Financial's background. Davos Financial: Davos Financial Group was established in 1993 thanks to the independent vision of David J. Osio, CEO of the company, and creator of this comprehensive financial boutique that offers wealth management services tailored to the demands and expectations of its clients.

His outstanding career as a legal advisor and his deep knowledge of banking allowed him to register a group of companies dedicated to offer integrated wealth management solutions. Mr. Osio established, through Davos Financial Group of companies, one of the first financial advisory firms to achieve agreements as "Financial Intermediary Agent", with the most important financial institutions in Europe.

Since then, Mr. Osio, as the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group of companies, has developed a proactive leadership that not only has allowed him to increment the level of income over the years but also to strengthen and expand the frontiers of the business in a short period of time, creating offices in various strategic cities among them: Geneva, Lisbon, New York, Miami, Panama City and St. John's. His management objective has been to design and shape the various business areas that are today part of Davos Financial Group. Since 2002 each of its subsidiaries offers a variety of services characterized by constant dedication and professional concern to investigate and learn about new developments in the financial sector.

Today, Davos Financial group of companies holds financial consulting licenses and certifications in the US, Europe and Panama, through which, independently, it provides a diverse array of sophisticated investment options with focus on the preservation and security of client wealth. Its innovative financial service encompasses investment portfolio structuring, investment banking, planning for wealth, tax and business purposes, as well as real estate investment consulting.

TE: Describe your client management model.

DF: We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market expectations and investment strategy, doing so on the basis of a vision characterized by the diversification and independence of criteria and products. We routinely assess and balance our investment portfolios in terms of market fluctuations, legal restrictions, historical behavior and geographical diversification based on the country involved. We provide sophisticated tools with which to measure portfolio performance. Additionally, we offer user-friendly reports containing the consolidated assessment of investments, thereby reducing the overhead and risks inherent to investment transactions. We also assist in creating and managing trusts and private foundations as a safe tool for asset protection as well as estate and wealth planning.

TE: Your main objective is to formulate an investment strategy for your clients. How do you achieve this?

DF: The Davos Financial Group of companies pursues a management model based on risk analysis and assessment, in which all products and services are analyzed through the consulting team's critical and independent judgment. As advocates for transparency and security in all operations, Davos Financial Group of companies analyses the performance goals, liquidity needs, net-worth availability and risk tolerance of each client, in the design of an investment strategy.

TE: What is your value proposition?

DF: We give our clients the opportunity to achieve a consolidated vision of their investment, facilitating and optimizing associated costs and risk management with the flexibility and independence in assessing the investment models available in the market.

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