Oil, Copper Face Pressures: Gartman

Commodities trader Dennis Gartman said Monday on CNBC that he's on the hunt for lower-priced crude oil.

"There's plenty of $120 crude around," he said. "I think we're going to try and see how much $85 crude there is out there."

Gartman, who is editor of The Gartman Letter, said that he had seen prices weakening over the next week following a strong run, adding that "Brent particularly is sportily priced right here."

Copper, he also said, was likely to see price declines.

Copper inventories in Shanghai and London were at historic highs, signaling either stronger mining or weaker demand, and probably both, Gartman said.

"I think if you look at copper, if you look at tin, if you look at zinc, if you look at all the base metals, they're all under pressure, and they're arguing badly for the state of the global economy," he said. "Probably, copper wants to go lower from this point on."

Corn prices were also likely to follow, due to expected oversupply, Gartman said.

"I think you're going to start seeing $3 corn over the course of the next year, unless America's farmers bungle the job — and they're not going to," he said. "They're going to make a big crop this year. Corn prices are going a lot lower, I'm afraid."

The trades Gartman said he was eyeing were against corn.

"I think from here on out, I may want to buy gold and sell corn. I probably want to buy cotton and sell corn," he said. "I think those trades have some merits."

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