PureCars Announces New Director of Recruiting

CHARLESTON, S.C., April 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PureCars announced Katerina White as filling the position of Director of Recruiting. PureCars has experienced extremely high growth in the past quarter and expects to continue its rapid pace for the foreseeable future. "White has proven herself an extraordinary recruiter," said David Dingee, Director of National Sales. For the past 15 years White has successfully conducted searches in multiple industries, focusing on skill, ability and fit. "Katerina's primary mission is to locate exceptional candidates who will thrive in our high-energy environment," Dingee added.

Since its inception in 2007, PureCars has experienced tremendous success as an automotive technology company. PureCars' commitment to excellence has driven several generations of fully automated and cost effective solutions that benefit both dealers and their customers. "I'm a believer in PureCars!" said White. "It's not often you come across such dynamic professionals who so strongly believe in team collaboration. I was attracted by their innovative ideas and love the team I work with."

PureCars co-founder Jeremy Anspach comments, "With Katerina focused on superior candidates, I'm confident we will continue to attract the best of the best as we experience our explosive growth. On day one we knew that was all about people. Our highly talented team members are singularly focused on changing the way customers purchase a vehicle. PureCars is an amazing place to work with a great culture that always treats everyone like family. We are always looking to add talented people to grow the PureCars family."

To apply for a position, visit: http://www.purecars.com/careers.aspx.

About PureCars

PureCars ignited the concept of "Value Shopping," helping consumers clearly understand the value offered by the vehicles they're considering, while assisting dealers in effectively promoting the value-benefits of their inventory. PureCars Value Reports, provides customers a complete value-focused overview on any pre-owned vehicle; from local price competitiveness to in-demand optional equipment, vehicle reliability through certification and reconditioning services and dealer reputations from customer reviews. The PureCars SmartComments tool further promotes those value benefits by pushing powerful custom vehicle comments to all inventory listing sites. PureCars Trade-In Reports take just 30 seconds to complete, asking online shoppers a few simple questions about their trade for an instant estimated value on their vehicle while providing the hosting dealership a quality trade-in lead. The PureCars motto 'Value. It's More Than Just Price' is proven daily at thousands of leading dealerships nationwide.

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