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CAMPBELL, Calif., April 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Third Iris, a leading provider of IP cameras with encrypted hybrid edge-cloud storage for accessible "Anytime, Anywhere" video and data, today released a VIAAS app on Apple's App Store. The iOS app allows on-the-go users to easily view current surveillance activity and investigate historic surveillance videos and images from Video Intelligence As A Service (VIAAS) IP cameras.

"By offering a user-friendly VIAAS app in iTunes, our customers can easily access all of their VIAAS cameras to view live and historic videos and images on their iPhone, iPad or iPod," said Chris Grillone, president at Third Iris. "The VIAAS app, along with our recently updated web browser interface, reflects our vision to provide feature-rich video surveillance without the hassle and vulnerabilities of traditional surveillance camera solutions."

"The VIAAS iOS app includes an intuitive tap-and-drag timeline for customers to easily search for and view videos and images," said Mike Parker, VP of product development at Third Iris. "Our recently upgraded cloud infrastructure accelerates both our web browser and the VIAAS iOS app to provide our users with easy access anytime, anywhere."

Adoption of IP Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is rising due to lowering costs of Internet bandwidth at surveillance locations and the lower cost of VSaaS when compared to traditional security camera systems, including IP cameras relying on an expensive, hard-to-use network video recorder (NVR). VSaaS solutions can significantly lower initial acquisition costs for a surveillance system, and the VIAAS hybrid edge-cloud solution provides reliable, secure storage of video that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

As customers continue to adopt VSaaS solutions, VIAAS leads the market with feature-rich IP cameras and a secure, reliable cloud service at competitive prices. The VIAAS solutions lower capital costs and provide greater predictability and flexibility in annual operating costs. As customers grow in size and/or locations, customers easily can add cameras with an annual service plan, with no need to upgrade a DVR/NVR or purchase more for additional locations.

"As our customers grow in size and locations, they want to add more cameras whether for security, Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance or simply viewing activity at a location," continued Grillone. "VIAAS cameras, along with our hybrid edge-cloud service, provide our customers with the flexibility of adding additional cameras without any requirements to upgrade or purchase more NVRs or DVRs."

Try for 30 Days, Risk Free

Organizations can try the feature-rich VIAAS cameras with secure service for 30 days, risk free. Simply plug the viaas cameras into Power over Ethernet (PoE) and the video will be immediately viewable from a web browser. For additional information on how to obtain the VIAAS cameras with the VIAAS cloud service, visit


VIAAS is an online service for video surveillance and monitoring. VIAAS delivers great quality real-time and archived video directly to a browser and mobile device. Simply plug VIAAS cameras into a broadband connection and it is ready to go: no configuration, no servers, and no disks. Visit for additional information.

About Third Iris Corp.

Third Iris Corp is the international licensor of the VIAAS video intelligence system. VIAAS is a hybrid edge-cloud based Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) platform for video security and monitoring. VIAAS provides professional grade functionality, zero configuration installation, secure remote access, and enterprise class archiving. No server, no software, no Internet upgrades, just powerful video monitoring without the hassles. For additional information, visit

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