Choose Key Talent With Confidence, Says RHR International

CHICAGO, April 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hiring or promoting a "weak link" into the chain of command can have far reaching and potentially disastrous consequences. Despite this, many organizations make choices for vital senior executive roles based on conjecture, outdated data or overly optimistic recommendations that cloud an objective view of the candidate pool.

Individual executives, carefully placed into the proper role at the right time, are the building blocks of successful organizations. Each has unique talents, needs and behaviors that must align with the corporate strategy to drive efficiency, productivity and bottom line results. But how can you be sure you're making the right choice when matching a candidate to a particular position?

In the latest edition of its publication Executive Insight, RHR International looks at using the Individual Assessment process to drive high-quality Talent Management decisions and mitigate the risks associated with senior executive transitions.

"A proven assessment process, backed by research and decades of experience, provides psychological insights that predict a candidate's performance in a given role and environment, identify developmental gaps and outline potential transition issues," says Dr. Jessica Bigazzi Foster, Global Practice Leader – Individual Assessment at RHR International. "These insights represent a unique tool to help decision makers select an executive with a maximum degree of confidence that he or she is the right leader for the job."

A common error organizations make is to assess and develop executives against a generic leadership model. The problem with this approach is that the individual is only one part of the equation. A measurement of success in a particular role can only be calculated by considering unique components such as organizational structure, strategic goals and cultural fit.

For additional details on how to build an assessment program that measures a candidate's probability of success in a fashion that is accurate, relevant, and actionable, download the complete issue, entitled "Individual Assessment: Building a Solid Talent Foundation."


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