‘Greece-Like Risk’ for Financials: McDonald

There's good reason to short bank stocks, Newedge Senior Director Larry McDonald said Wednesday.

"What's disturbed me the last two or three days is the short interest on the XLF has broken out to multi-month highs, its highest level since last spring," he said on CNBC's "Fast Money."

McDonald said that he was shorting the financials and had been recommending the trade to clients.

"The main reason why is: What we've seen since Lehman is credit leads equities, and the CDS of the big banks the last two weeks is consistently wider with the XLF flat," he said. "We saw this in 2011. We saw this just before Lehman. We saw this in 2012.

"It's a problem because a lot of players in the credit side maybe are seeing something over in Europe."

Credit default swap spreads signaled what was ahead, McDonald said.

"I'm going to follow credit, and equities'll follow."

McDonald also looked to Portugal.

The Iberian nation's banks, he added, "have no room for error."

"If deposits leave the top five banks and then the government has to fill that capital hole, that's a substantial risk," he said. "It's a Greece-like risk facing us in the coming months."

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