Qseven Starter Kit With AMD Embedded G-Series APU

SAN BRUNO, Calif., April 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MSC Embedded Inc., manufacturer of highly integrated standard board level products and customer-specific boards and systems, is announcing the availability of a new Qseven Starter Kit based on MSC's Qseven modules featuring the AMD Embedded G-Series APU (Accelerated Processing Units). The MSC Q7-SK-A50M-EP4 Starter Kit consists of MSC's 3.5" Qseven baseboard Q7-MB-EP4 with suitable heatspreader and heatsink and an integrated power supply with cable kit. The kit comes with a ready-to-run Linux installation in Flash Disk to enable an out-of-the-box functional experience. Optionally, a TFT kit can be ordered which provides for a 12.1" LCD panel with XGA resolution (1024 x 768), the appropriate cable kit for operation off the Qseven baseboard and full implementation in the Qseven module's Graphics BIOS.

Along with the Starter Kit, the user can decide for the Qseven module with the most suitable processor and clock speed from the MSC range of Q7-A50M modules:

  • AMD G-T40E Dual-Core APU at 1.0 GHz, optionally 7.2GB Flash Disk
  • AMD G-T40R Single-Core APU at 1.0 GHz, optionally 7.2GB Flash Disk
  • AMD G-T16R Single-Core APU at 615 MHz

The AMD Embedded G-Series APUs combine a low-power CPU and a discrete-level GPU in a single processor chip. The MSC Q7-A50M module family features three different low-power APU versions so that fanless system designs and highly integrated solutions are possible. All processors come with the built-in AMD Radeon™ HD6250 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which delivers very high graphics performance, enables dual independent high-resolution displays up to Full-HD and supports OpenGL® 4.0, DirectX™-11 and OpenCL™ 1.1.

The Computer-On-Module MSC Q7-A50M offers up to 4GB DRAM, four PCI Express™ x1 lanes, two high-speed SATA-II interfaces, eight USB 2.0 host ports, LPC, High-Definition Audio (HDA) and a GBit Ethernet interface. Optionally, a Flash Disk up to 32GB soldered on the module may be used as system boot device.

The 3.5" Embedded Platform board MSC Q7-MB-EP4 combines the most popular interfaces for embedded applications. It features a DVI connector and 2 LAN interfaces for which the board comes with its own Ethernet controller. Six USB connectors and a UART provide for embedded connectivity, while a Mini PCI-Express and an mSATA socket enable functional and storage expansion.

Peter Eckelmann, Product Marketing Manager MSC Embedded Computer Technology, explains: "In many cases, the Starter Kit will be used to drive an LCD output. To help customers with the difficulties of connecting a TFT panel to the carrier board, MSC is offering an optional TFT Kit directly suitable for the Q7-SK-A50M Starter Kit. It comes with a 12.1" XGA LCD panel with LED backlight and suitable data and backlight power cable which both fit the respective connectors on the Qseven baseboard. What is more, MSC is also offering to provide any other TFT panel from its wide product portfolio from very many renowned LCD manufacturers, for which the MSC Support Group will strive to find suitable backlight drivers and cable kits to provide a complete, functional Starter Kit with the desired LCD."


The MSC Q7-SK-A50M Starter Kit for Qseven modules with the AMD Embedded G-Series APUs is available immediately at a net price of $260 US.

MSC Embedded Inc.

MSC Embedded Inc. is a manufacturer of board-level products and customer specific industrial embedded computers. Products include COM Express™, Qseven™ and ETX ® modules as well as products that interface to COM modules like carrier boards, I/O technologies for displays or other process interfaces. MSC Embedded also offers custom BIOS adaptation, BSP and device drivers for all of its products to OEM customers worldwide. The company's headquarters are based in San Bruno, CA and Stutensee, Germany.

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