Online Video Platform Company VOPED Now a Google Widevine(R) DRM Partner

Ashburn, Virginia, April 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VOPED today announced that it has become a Certified Google Widevine® Implementation Partner (CWIP). VOPED's engineers recently passed the rigorous testing process, enabling VOPED to provide Google Widevine Digital Rights Management (DRM) implementation along with the other premium services offered with its online video platform. VOPED joins a small number of online video platform companies that are certified to offer Widevine DRM as an integrated technology component.

By integrating its online video solutions with Google Widevine DRM, VOPED now offers content licensing, secure distribution, and protection for premium video content. Widevine DRM meets the high standards for licensing and protection by premium video content providers such as the major movie studios, and is one of the major studio-approved DRM technologies.

"Through our new Widevine certification, we're able to offer secure delivery to a wide array of devices in combination with our turnkey solutions for web, mobile, and Smart TV," said VOPED President, Mark Serrano. "Widevine DRM is the latest of a number of new features and offerings that VOPED will be rolling out in 2013, which will allow our clients to leverage our online video platform and services to further capitalize on new markets and audiences."

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About VOPED: Founded in 2008, VOPED is an industry leader in providing forward-thinking video platform solutions to help manage, brand, deliver, and monetize online video content for its professional and enterprise-level clients. VOPED offers turnkey solutions such as web portals, and mobile and Smart TV apps, with features including Digital Rights Management, Pay Per View, subscriptions, live streaming, video on-demand, ad serving, social integration, end-user management, and multiplatform delivery, among other services. Learn more at, and follow online: @VOPED (; Facebook (

About Google Widevine®: Widevine Digital Rights Management (DRM) offers total control over the encryption, key management, distribution, and consumption of high-value digital media. Policies, digital rights, and encryption are applied to inbound video assets, automatically registered with Widevine and the CMS, and then uploaded to the content delivery network. Delivery to devices is secured using Widevine's multiplatform DRM client on each device. Multiple bit rate files are packaged together for rapid adjustment to bandwidth, which also allows for DVD-like rewind and forward. The Widevine client also monitors, detects, and responds to pirating tools even after content has been decrypted.

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