Honeymoons Over My Hammy! Weddings at Denny's

Source: Denny's | Facebook

Can't decide which you love more—your honey or maple syrup? If you're in Las Vegas, you're in luck.

Behind its bright-yellow, abstract facade, the Denny's restaurant in the Neonopolis district on Fremont Street (a short drive from the Strip) that opened last November is now accepting bookings for its in—house wedding chapel.

Given that other fast food—lover lovers have gotten hitched at White Castle, McDonald's, Taco Bell and KFC, the idea of a chain diner carving out space for weddings—especially in Las Vegas, epicenter of quirky wedding themes—might not be as strange as it sounds.

The company says it's had "many inquiries" from others who want to pledge their eternal love over a Lumberjack Slam or Moons Over My Hammy.

An Iowa bride and groom were the first to tie the knot earlier this week.

For $95, couples get a bottle of champagne, a Pancake Puppie wedding cake (Denny's answer to the cake-pop trend) and "Just Married" T-shirts. Unfortunately for bacon lovers, Denny's says it currently has no plans to turns its caramel-bacon brownie sundae or bacon-stuffed caramel French toast into wedding cake.

The package doesn't include a photographer, but the celebrants can commemorate their special day in the restaurant's photo booth. And this Denny's has a full bar, so guests can toast the newlyweds with something stronger than a maple bacon milkshake. Maybe the Grand Slamosa—a mimosa with Grand Mariner—would fit the bill.

What the Grand Slam Breakfast has joined, let no one separate.