Johns Creek Veterinarian Showcases Online Pet Services Through Website

JOHNS CREEK, Ga., April 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ValueCare Pet Wellness Clinic Camden Village in Johns Creek, GA announced that the practice has launched a new website. The site features information on pet wellness care, including resources for pet owners to learn more about the clinic's affordable wellness services. Website features include a blog, pet selector, 'Veterinary Topics' wellness library, and links to the practice's social media pages.

Johns Creek veterinarian Dr. Brad Miller is helping educate pet owners about affordable wellness care. His practice, ValueCare Pet Wellness Clinic, recently launched a new website that provides pet owners with free educational resources.

"Our practice is committed to providing affordable vet care for Johns Creek families," said Dr. Brad Miller. "Our new website naturally complements this mission by educating pet owners about preventive care and how they can keep their pets healthy."

First time pet owners can learn more about the basics of puppy and kitten care in the website's "Veterinary Topics" library. This interactive library includes articles on how to select the right pet for a family's lifestyle, how to house train a pet, and what to expect when first bringing a pet home. There is also information on a number of wellness care basics, including grooming, mealtime, seasonal care, illness prevention, first aid, and traveling with pets.

"Our website is a wonderful tool for helping pet owners to provide a safe and healthy home for their pets," said Dr. Miller. "Most importantly, this resource is always available online, whether a pet owner has questions in the middle of the day or the middle of the night. If a pet owner cannot reach our animal hospital, our website is the next best option for an immediate answer to wellness care questions."

The website's vet library also includes information on common health concerns, including arthritis, fleas, hip dysplasia, obesity, and worms. The articles explain how wellness care, including vaccinations and nutrition counseling, can help prevent or manage these conditions.

"Proactive wellness care is the best way to address common veterinary health problems," said Dr. Miller. "We recognize that an emergency visit to a Johns Creek veterinarian can be expensive. That's why wellness care is so important. It keeps costs down for pet owners and helps pets live long, healthy lives."

The new website also includes information about the wellness care services available at the Johns Creek veterinary hospital. These services include annual pet checkups, vaccinations, routine pet surgery and pet dental care.

Pet owners who visit the website may also sign up for the practice's bi-weekly e-newsletter.

"The blog and e-newsletter help us stay in touch with pet owners, no matter how busy their lives may be," said the Johns Creek veterinarian.

Pet owners who wish to schedule an appointment may do so using the practice's new online appointment request form or by calling the clinic.

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