Veterinarian Brings Focus to Benefits of Anesthesia-Free Pet Dental Care

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seven years ago, veterinarian Dr. Michael Borin did not believe non-anesthetic pet dental care for cats and dogs was possible. As of today, however, he has been working with the Animal Dental Care group as a champion of anesthesia-free pet dental services. According to Dr. Borin, this vet dental service is helping pets across the country to avoid the pain and health problems associated with periodontal disease, which afflicts nearly 80 percent of pets over the age of three. He says he enjoys his sales role, showing fellow veterinarians how effective dental care without anesthesia really is.

Dr. Borin explains why he enjoys his job so much: "What I love is watching, over and over again, how a skeptical veterinarian will be totally amazed at how well anesthesia-free pet dental care works. I love that because that is exactly how it happened with me. I had to see it to believe it myself. And when vets see our service in action, the skepticism turns into enthusiasm every time. Best of all, it is a much safer vet dental service for a wider variety of pets that might suffer complications from anesthesia."

For the last seven years, Dr. Borin has been traveling around the country with the Animal Dental Care team to promote anesthesia free dental cleaning for dogs and cats. As a veterinarian himself, he says it is easier for him to connect with other veterinarians to demonstrate how the animal-friendly process works. Dr. Borin helps demonstrate how the animal dentistry team calms even very nervous pets with their unique approach to introducing the dental tools.

Dr. Borin says that their anesthesia-free vet dental service is a particularly good option for older pets and pets with certain health conditions. He explains that many elderly pets with severe dental problems would be undergoing just as much risk from the anesthesia to clean their teeth as they would from allowing periodontal disease to advance unchecked. Severe periodontal disease can cause heart, liver and kidney damage, but he adds that these are exactly the same problems some pets would suffer with anesthesia too. Dr. Borin explains that thousands of at-risk pets have been helped through their service.

Dr. Borin says his first seven years with Animal Dental Care is just the beginning. "Obviously, I became a veterinarian because I love helping animals. It's become clear that animal teeth cleaning is a critical way to help pets avoid so many health problems, and doing it the anesthesia-free way, I am convinced, is the best, most compassionate way to do it."

Dr. Michael Borin earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Michigan State University in 1978 and has been working in sales for Animal Dental Care since 2006. To learn more about anesthesia-free pet dental cleanings, visit

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