Pet Clinic in Greenbrae Recommends Regular Summer Pet Grooming and Bathing

GREENBRAE, Calif., April 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Redwood Pet Clinic is encouraging pet owners to be vigilant about regular summer pet grooming. According to the clinic, professional pet grooming is especially important during the warmer summer months. Regular bathing and grooming may help reduce the risk of fleas and ticks. Additionally, a professional groomer is trained to cut pets' coats a proper length that will help pets be more comfortable in summer weather without exposing them to a risk of sunburn.

Greenbrae veterinarians Dr. Genevieve Manchester, Dr. Daneila Rabbie and Dr. Barbara Fitzgerald and the wellness care team are encouraging pet owners to choose professional groomers for their pets' summer grooming needs.

"Regular, professional grooming can make the difference between a pet who is too hot and uncomfortable with a heavy summer coat, and a pet who is able to comfortably enjoy summer outdoor activities," said Dr. Manchester. "We also recommend routine summer bathing and grooming to reduce the risk of fleas and ticks."

According to Dr. Manchester, the Greenbrae region is prone to ticks during summer months. For dogs that enjoy spending time outside, pet grooming and bathing can help reduce the risk for both ticks and fleas.

"Dirty or matted fur naturally attracts fleas and ticks," said Dr. Rabbie. "Additionally, matted fur makes it difficult for pet owners to easily check their dogs for ticks. This also creates a breeding ground for fleas. Regular bathing is especially important in the summer months, as it keeps pets' coats not only looking clean, but also healthy and pest-free."

The veterinarians also recommend a monthly medicated flea and tick treatment as part of routine wellness care. In addition to flea prevention, Dr. Fitzgerald is also encouraging pet owners to choose professional pet grooming and bath services for summer coat maintenance. According to Dr. Fitzgerald, pet owners who shave or cut their own pets' hair are more likely to cut it too short, increasing the risk that their pets will be sunburned.

"Some breeds with thick, heavy coats can easily overheat in the summer months," said Dr. Fitzgerald. "However, cutting a coat too short or completely shaving it off exposes pets to sunburn risks. We strongly recommend taking pets to a professional groomer for their summer trims to cut a pet's coat to the proper length that provides both relief from the heat as well as protection from the sun."

Pet groomer Pamela McHale uses a clipper vac to provide an even trim while grooming. This allows a thin layer of fur to remain on a pet, which provides protection from the sun.

In addition to pet grooming and bathing, the pet clinic provides comprehensive wellness care including vaccinations, spay and neuter operations, and dental care.

More information about services can be found on the veterinary hospital's website:

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Source:Redwood Pet Clinic