Balboa Veterinarian Announces Multiple Locations to Benefit Pet Owners

SAN DIEGO, April 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Balboa Veterinary Hospital is one of four affiliated veterinary hospitals serving the greater San Diego community. In addition to the Balboa Avenue location, the veterinary hospital is also affiliated with hospitals located throughout San Diego County. Like the Balboa location, these veterinary hospitals also provide a list of comprehensive wellness care services, including pet dental care, pet surgery, pet vaccinations, pet dietary management, and pet dermatology.

Balboa veterinarian Dr. Juan Pablo Romero and Dr. Miranda Alexander are reminding pet owners about the different veterinary hospitals affiliated with Balboa Veterinary Hospital. Since Balboa is part of a network of four animal hospitals, pet owners may take their pets to any of the affiliated hospitals for wellness care services.

"In addition to our Balboa location, there are three other locations throughout San Diego," said Dr. Romero. "These affiliated locations make it easy and convenient for pet owners. All pets deserve the same high quality wellness care, and we are pleased to offer these services at four different locations."

South Bay Veterinary Hospital is located at 1038 Broadway in Chula Vista. The vet hospital, which is accredited by the AAHA, has been providing care for the greater San Diego community since 1956. The staff includes a team of five veterinarians, veterinary technicians, dog groomers, and experienced support staff. The location has extended night hours and is open 7 days a week.

Bayside Veterinary Hospital is located at 1270 Scott Street in San Diego with Dr. Mariann Rozsa as the veterinarian on staff. In addition to routine pet wellness care, the Point Loma veterinary hospital also offers acupuncture for treating pets suffering from degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia.

Pet owners in La Mesa may visit University Pet Hospital, located at 7134 University Avenue. Under the care of Dr. Stephens, the animal vet hospital offers comprehensive wellness services, including urgent and emergency care during regular practice hours as well as care for exotics and birds.

Balboa veterinarian Dr. Romero and Dr. Alexander are encouraging pet owners to take advantage of Balboa Veterinary Hospital's affiliated network.

"We know pet owners are busy with demanding schedules," said Dr. Romero. "By being part of a larger veterinary hospital network, pet owners can easily visit any hospital that has the most convenient location and be assured that they will receive the same high level of care."

All vet hospitals follow an "open hospital" policy. This means that pet owners are encouraged to stay with their pets during examinations.

"It is important to form a strong partnership with pet owners to do what's in the best interest of their pets. Our 'open hospital policy' helps make this possible," said Dr. Romero.

Pet owners may learn more about this hospitals and available services at Pet owners who visit the website may also take advantage of online offer for new patients.

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