Regular Dog Grooming Important for Pet Wellness Say Fort Worth Veterinarians

WATAUGA, Texas, April 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The veterinarians at Community Pet Outreach in Watauga, TX are educating pet owners about the importance of regular dog grooming for wellness care. Regular bathing and grooming not only keeps pets looking good, but also helps to manage skin conditions, maintain proper coat health, and keep or reach a proper nail length. Community Pet Outreach offers comprehensive grooming services, including bathing, nail trimming, and pet coat trimming.

Regular pet grooming is an essential part of pet wellness care, say the Fort Worth veterinarians at Community Pet Outreach. The animal hospital's veterinarians are encouraging owners to make professional grooming part of their pets' standard care routine.

According to the animal hospital, grooming helps control fleas, prevent itchy or flaky skin due to allergens, and reduce the risk for ear mites or parasites. Professional groomers are trained to identify potential skin problems during a grooming appointment and take steps to correct these problems.

For example, fleas are a common problem for many Fort Worth pets. Professional groomers can spot the warning signs for skin problems, including fleas, ticks and mites, before a pet's health is seriously compromised.

"Many skin conditions in pets cause similar symptoms, including itching and scratching," said Dr. Frank Litsey. "It can be difficult for even the most vigilant pet owner to tell whether a pet's scratching is normal behavior or if there is a serious skin problem. A regular grooming appointment is a great way to identify potential skin problems while also keeping pets looking great."

Dr. Litsey also stressed the importance of choosing an experienced professional dog groomer at an animal hospital for more advanced grooming procedures.

"Some pets can easily become nervous and stressed during a grooming appointment," said Dr. Litsey. "Even at-home care with a pet owner can be challenging. This is why it is so important to choose a professional pet groomer with substantial experience. The right groomer can help pets relax and enjoy their grooming experience."

A relaxed, happy pet also reduces the risk for safety problems during grooming. For example, nervous pets may try to squirm and escape during stressful activities such as nail clipping. This increases the chance that the nail quick will accidentally be cut, which can lead to painful bleeding.

Community Pet Outreach's professional pet groomer Cindi has substantial experience caring for dogs of all temperaments, including those that are shy and anxious. Cindi regular performs advanced grooming procedures, including trimming a pet's coat.

Professional trimming can help pets with heavier coats cool off during the hot Texas summer. However, over-trimming a pet's coat leaves pets without skin protection and increases the risk for sunburn. Dog grooming professionals are trained to precisely cut coats to the correct length without causing skin problems.

Pet owners can learn more about grooming and schedule an appointment may contacting the animal hospital at

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