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LAS VEGAS, April 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- StorageDNA, Inc., a leader in intelligent storage and archiving workflow solutions for media professionals, today introduced the latest version of its archive and retrieval workflow solution, DNA Evolution™ at the 2013 NAB Show.

DNA Evolutionx(TM): Model X100/X200-24 with HP DL120/320 server and 24 slot, 1 or 2 drive autoloader

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DNA Evolution 3.0 is a ground-breaking workflow solution that combines nearline and archive storage on LTO tape, enabling substantial cost savings. Built on Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technologies, DNA Evolution 3.0 was designed from the ground up to help media professionals manage digital content with unprecedented performance levels and lower storage costs as they transition to file-based pipelines.

"DNA Evolution 3.0 is a monumental step forward for LTO and LTFS-based archiving solutions as it is the only software that is designed to maximize the direct access ability of LTFS and can achieve advanced digital workflows that have never been seen before," said tC Chakravarty, CEO and president of StorageDNA. "By offering cutting edge features, DNA Evolution provides up to ten times lower storage costs than hard drives, and performs up to ten times faster than the alternatives."

Benefits of DNA Evolution 3.0 include:

  • Fastest performance available - New archive engine accelerator and direct-connect architecture make it easy to take control of growing storage costs by keeping more content on secondary storage, with the ability to quickly retrieve it when needed.
  • Redefined media workflows - Innovative features maximize the direct access nature of LTFS to unleash advanced media workflows and help users save time.
  • The most ways to archive and restore - The only solution that offers any archive workflow for any media pipeline such as: Web interface, drag 'n' drop, camera masters, watch folder, AAF/XML/EDL, third-party, (Automatic Duck®, CatDV, Avid® Interplay®).
  • Long-term data integrity - Protects assets long-term as data is kept safe and healthy with checksums, periodic tape verification, and timers for annual re-verification.
  • Unlimited scalability - Easily add multiple archive stations while maintaining a single point of control, search, and management.
  • Significant cost savings - Helps users streamline their workflows so they can work more efficiently and save significant storage costs.

"As a current customer of StorageDNA and user of DNA Evolution, I am excited about version 3.0, and I want Authentic Entertainment be one of the first to upgrade because of the performance enhancements that will help us to keep costs down by allowing us to keep a minimal amount of media online on our SANs," said Will Pisnieski, vice president, Post Production, Authentic Entertainment. "Using the Smart Browse feature will allow us to find our content right away, and bring it back at unbelievable data rates using XSIO. Usually, I'm reluctant about being one of the first to upgrade, but my experience with StorageDNA has been great."

Key new features include these advanced technologies:

  • XSIO: Archive Engine Accelerator - By combining a shared SAN/NAS storage accelerator, with the ability to use multiple high-speed and reliable LTO tapes, DNA Evolution raises the bar on performance with the fastest LTO LTFS media archive technology on the market. This helps users keep primary storage costs in check by keeping more content on LTO and quickly retrieving content when needed.
  • Smart Access LTO - New levels of cost savings and efficiencies are achieved with direct controlled access to LTO tape from third-party applications such as transcoding, preview, partial restore, and playout.
  • Restore and conform from LTO - The only solution capable of conforming high-resolution media from LTO, now with ARRIRAW and other format support.Users also have the ability to restore files and folders via a Web interface or use AAF/XML to restore offline sequences.
  • Open Data and Metadata - The only solution that enables 100% open data and metadata. All content is stored in open LTFS format on LTO tape, and all metadata is extracted and stored in open XML so that future access to content is ensured.
  • Smart Browse - In addition to built-in advanced media asset management features for browse and search, Smart Browse maximizes the use of metadata in the pipeline and accelerates field and post workflows with advanced metadata extraction, indexing, and search engine.
  • Drag 'n' Drop Tagging - Full integration into OpenMeta tagging applications provide an easy way for users to tag, add user comments, and ratings for files and folders simply by drag 'n' drop on the Finder® and desktop.


Version 3.0 of DNA Evolution is on display this week at the 2013 NAB Show in StorageDNA's booth #SL11116 and is expected to be available in the second half of 2013.The Company is currently offering a DNA Evolution sales promotion and information can be obtained in the StorageDNA booth or by contacting

Additionally, visit StorageDNA's main demo theater at the NAB Show on Tuesday, April 9th at 11:00 a.m. for a special live presentation on "Saving Time and Costs with LTO LTFS Workflow" given by Will Pisnieski, vice president of Post Production, Authentic Entertainment.

About DNA Evolution

DNA Evolution is an intelligent LTO with LTFS archive, retrieval, and direct access workflow solution that optimizes the management of file-based content to help media professionals work more efficiently and save costs. Additionally, DNA Evolution offers the fastest performance and maintains the integrity of digital assets while ensuring content openness and future access. The improved archival life of the latest version of LTO (LTO-6), combined with DNA Evolution's automated and periodic tape health checks, ensures the long-term protection and integrity of media. Learn more about DNA Evolution's advanced workflow solutions for digital camera masters, Thunderbolt™, editorial, conform/online-offline, and integration into third-party MAM applications, such as Avid® Interplay® and CatDV at

About StorageDNA, Inc.

StorageDNA helps film, video, and broadcast professionals archive, retrieve, access, and manage their digital content. DNA Evolution, the company's intelligent workflow solution built on Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technologies, allows media professionals to streamline their file-based workflows, work more efficiently, and save significant storage costs. The innovative workflow solution allows users to easily archive, find, restore, and directly access digital assets at incredible speeds. StorageDNA's solutions power some of the most complex and critical workflows for a wide range of customers from broadcasters, major film studios and television production companies to sports organizations, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations. Learn more at

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