Instagram Hit With Bug, Company Goes Silent

Instagram's mobile application is experiencing all sorts of bugs this week, and while its users have taken notice, Instagram has remained mostly silent. In fact, the two tweets Instagram did post regarding the issues were later deleted.

"We're currently having system issues. We are aware of this problem and are working hard to resolve it," tweeted Instagram on Sunday afternoon. "Thanks for your patience."

Close to five hours later, Facebook-owned Instagram continued to ask users to hang in there, tweeting: "We're still working hard to resolve the system issues reported earlier. Thanks for hanging in there, everyone."

As the system issues enter its second day Monday, keen-eyed social media fans noticed the two tweets mysteriously disappear from Instagram's Twitter feed with no update on the outage.

Twitter user

, "Instagram deleted two tweets they posted yesterday about the outage of their service... I should be seriously considering to stop using it," while another user, , posted, "My Instagram has been broken for more than 24 hours and now you have deleted all tweets about the problem."

Aside for an overall slowness, users are complaining of streams having trouble refreshing, "Follow" buttons not loading and the app crashing completely. More than 8,900 tweets in the past 24 hours have contained the words "Instagram" and "slow," according to social analytics company Topsy.

Without answers, Instagram users futilely took to question and forum sites like and wondering why the app used by more than 100 million people was experiencing giant hiccups.

At the time of writing, Instagram has to yet to return comment as to what is causing the system issues and why its tweets on the situation were deleted.

Update: Instagram has taken to its Twitter feed once again posting, "We are aware that a small percentage of users are experiencing issues & we appreciate your patience while we work to restore functionality." A noticeable difference between Monday's tweet and Sunday's two tweets is that Instagram now says only a small percentage of users are experiencing issues. Whether the system issues impacted more than just a small percentage of users on Sunday is unknown, but the amount of tweets complaining about the bug have decreased considerably.

— Written by CNBC's Eli Langer. Follow him on Twitter at @EliLanger