CollabRx Partners With Sengenics for Molecular Diagnostics

SAN FRANCISCO, April 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CollabRx, Inc. (Nasdaq:CLRX), today announced a partnership with Sengenics, a leading genetic diagnostics company, to provide turn-key diagnostic decision making solutions for Asian and global markets. Sengenics plans to incorporate CollabRx's interpretive content resources into its molecular cancer diagnostics tests and reports.

"Sengenics has become a widely recognized pioneer in this field, as it was the first company outside the US to offer genomics-based research and diagnostic services," said CollabRx Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Mika. "We look forward to partnering with Sengenics on a powerful joint offering in clinical cancer sequencing."

Sengenics plans to offer cancer exome sequencing tests combined with CollabRx interpretive analytics to create a comprehensive medical informatics solution. The solution is being designed to seamlessly pair tests results with clinically actionable and dynamically updated knowledge on the clinical impact of specific tumor genetic profiles and associated therapeutic strategies such as drugs and clinical trials. CollabRx will provide the content in a SaaS-based business model.

"We are excited about partnering with CollabRx and developing such an important turn-key solution for clinical cancer sequencing," said Dr. Anwar, Executive Director of Sengenics. "Our joint solution's ability to provide insights from CollabRx's clinical practitioner network represents critical and timely value to physicians when they are interpreting test results."

The partnership leverages CollabRx's semantic integration platform, a scalable, proprietary technology that enables CollabRx scientists and physicians to dynamically update the company's molecular oncology knowledge base with the latest medical and scientific data available in the public domain.

The partnership, leveraging on Sengenics' status as a prominent commercial entity in the genomics and diagnostics space, extends CollabRx's business to three continents: North America, Europe and Asia.

"CollabRx has established an industry standard for interpretive reporting in cancer diagnostics which this agreement helps to expand globally," said Mr. Mika. "We also look forward to working with Sengenics to expand our interpretive content to genomic disease areas outside of cancer."

Sengenics has a portfolio of more than 400 genetic tests for Development Delay, Rare Genetic Disorders, Cardiac risk, Thalassaemia and Cancer.

About CollabRx

CollabRx, Inc. (Nasdaq:CLRX) is a recognized leader in cloud-based expert systems to inform healthcare decision-making. CollabRx uses information technology to aggregate and contextualize the world's knowledge on genomics-based medicine with specific insights from the nation's top cancer experts, starting with the area of greatest need: advanced cancers in patients who have effectively exhausted the standard of care. More information may be obtained at

About Sengenics

Sengenics was the 1st company outside the USA to offer genomics-based diagnostics services. The key focus areas for the company are Diagnostics and Research Services using next-generation sequencing, protein and DNA microarray technologies. The business model of the company also leverages the translation of joint research projects into patented and commercialized diagnostics tests. Sengenics has established a wide network of partners in the US, Europe and Asia as channels for its products and services. The company has sales offices and genetic testing facilities in four countries. More information may be obtained at

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