What Would Happen If You Lost Your Job Today? Get Started With Internet Marketing

Converse, TX, April 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- Wayne's Worldwide Value Products, LLC is the official distributor of the Dotcomology book in partnership with the author, Stone Evans.

Dotcomology - The Science Of Making Money Online is a new eBook that has got internet marketers extremely mad. In fact, the author has been praised for taking such a daring move in releasing the book to the general public. In short, Dotcomology offers readers with the chance to benefit from an extremely comprehensive 325-page book that has been written to help consumers all over the world begin generating cash on demand through utilizing the power of the internet.

For many years now, internet marketers and product creators have been charging consumers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to learn some of the simplistic internet marketing methods available. These very marketers exploit the general public by re-writing methods, re-writing content and then selling it out to consumers as if it were a completely new, revolutionary money-making method.

The Dotcomology book aims to put this to rest, by giving consumers everything they need to get started with developing, building and marketing their own online business. Best of all, the book is available COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE with no further obligations. As a virtual gold mine for information and resources, the Dotcomology book helps readers to get started with internet marketing, including giving readers access to hands-on, practical strategies and techniques that are being used by the very same internet marketers who sell their programs for hundreds of dollars.

The world is simply unprepared for the unforeseeable future, and what economic crisis is next. That's why millions of consumers take to the internet each and every year to try and earn some form of an income, whether it be through eBay, Amazon or Internet Marketing. Unfortunately, getting started with making money on the internet is not easy, and as stated previously, it often requires a hefty investment into a "money making" program that is usually weighed down, over-used and does not yield results.

The book, written in Stone Evan's usual style, aims to redefine the methods of internet marketing by giving everybody the chance to get started without any sort of initial investment. To learn more about the Dotcomology book, head over to: http://www.PlugInProfitSite.com/main-35089/dotcomology.html

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