Broward College Selects Modcomp to Deploy High-Performance Enterasys Networks Solution Across its 11 Campuses and Learning Annexes

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DAVIE, Fla., April 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deerfield Beach, Florida-based Modcomp was selected by Broward College to provide a total network solution for its entire array of campuses and learning center environments across Broward County. Replacing Broward's aged network infrastructure not only supports today's complex needs, but also enables the College's modest-sized staff to properly manage and control every aspect of the environment serving its 65,000 students and faculty. For the encompassing multimillion dollar enterprise project, Modcomp partnered with vendor Enterasys Networks to design a management system offering an efficient mix of quality design, service levels, superior accessibility and flexibility, and the ability to meet the school's functional requirements. It includes equipment, installation, training and ongoing support for the College's IT staff.

"This is a complex undertaking because of the scope of the project," notes Victor Dellovo, president and CEO of CSP, Inc., Modcomp's parent company. "The eleven separate locations need to be administered at one Data Center using a 'single pane of glass' Network Management System, so that one click causes many actions across the entire network, deploying configurations and policies to every network port with a single action."

Modcomp's deployment, using Enterasys Networks' S-Series core equipment, C-Series stackable switches, and NetSight network management suite of applications, provides Broward College with a unique set of built-in features, unmatched visibility and control of its own network resources. The inherent intelligence Modcomp's technical team built into the network design ensures security while offering the sort of high-level performance required by a collegiate atmosphere's accessibility demands.

That intelligent design allows the IT team to easily fine-tune and make adjustments at the global, device or port level while totally visible from Broward College's Data Center. It also ensures the consistent availability of network services that are critical in an educational environment such as VoIP, wireless, video and online education classes. Modcomp's design enforces the high level of security and access criteria necessary to protect students, protect tempting data, such as test keys, attendance records and grades, yet allows teachers and administrative staff access to data while blocking students' access to the same information.

The "single pane of glass" NetSight Network Management System also offers simplified troubleshooting procedures, simplifies configuration changes and proactively alerts the College's IT staff about any changes made to that configuration or other network issues, and offers "one-click" solutions to everything from configuration to reporting, based on best-practice templates developed in higher-learning environments where needs are great yet the support staff to handle these complex networks are often stretched thin.

"Modcomp and their vendor, Enterasys Networks, have gone 'above and beyond' anything you could reasonably expect to help Broward College during our network replacement implementation," notes Howard Dansky, Director of Telecom and Network Services for the College. "We have had issues that were not related to Enterasys's equipment or the design of the network solution, but each time Modcomp and Enterasys immediately stepped up to resolve whatever issues were slowing progress. It is this kind of project management expertise and attention to detail, as well as caring more about the College getting the best possible network solution than about whether it was even their responsibility, that is a tremendous value to the successful completion of this project."

By designing a solution for Broward College that offers a simple architecture with built-in capabilities like superior manageability, heightened security and significant cost reductions, Modcomp was able to respond to Broward College's needs with advanced capabilities that would drive down administrative costs by reducing the amount of time its IT support staff would have to spend administering deployment changes to the network configuration. Configuring, testing and staging of every piece of equipment occurs at Modcomp's Deerfield Beach facilities prior to installation, and that continues to be a winning solution for everyone.

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