Tens of Millions of People Just Watched "The Bible"; What Will They Watch Next?

LOS ANGELES, April 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The tremendous nationwide viewership of The History Channel's epic "The Bible" mini-series has powerfully proven the tremendous interest and appetite there is for quality Christian themed content. Welcome to Parables TV, the first and only paid viewing service to offer 24-hour, streaming Christian feature movies, documentaries, series and original faith-based content. Our mission? Offer viewers anywhere the best Christian entertainment and movies that provide inspiration, one story at a time. The extraordinary success of "The Bible" mini-series demonstrates the demand that Parables TV intends to serve.

The time is right for a network that features movies and entertainment with thought-provoking stories of faith that share God's message of hope and love. What makes Parables TV different than any other network is our exclusive focus on providing faith-based entertainment. Some networks and channels may feature inspiring preachers and teachers, but Parables TV is the only network to offer exclusive entertainment and content with Christian values.

"The situation couldn't be better to offer people a viewing option that appeals to their sense of values," according to Mark Newmyer, President and CEO of Parables TV. "The public's reaction to 'The Bible' series only proves what we've known all along, that there is a vast audience who want to watch programming that reflects their values and beliefs."

Parables TV has dedicated relationships with Christian filmmakers and distributors whom the company will invest in and work with to expand the Parables TV content library. In coming months, Parables TV will introduce new online streaming products to increase subscriber access to a vast library of the most recent Christian movies and faith-based entertainment material using the latest digital streaming technology. The faithful can now watch whenever and wherever they want. Parables TV offers a vast library of hard-to-find productions along with exclusive faith-based content that is not available anywhere else in the digi-verse.

Members can start watching content right now from any internet connected TV or mobile device in their arsenal, including Roku (on the Parables TV channel), Android enabled devices and tablets, or Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and of course, desktop or laptop computers. Now, you don't have to wait for Easter to come around every year for distinctive programming, consumers can get the inspirational programs they want 24/7 on www.Parables.TV.

Parables TV is owned and operated by Parables HD, LLC, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Olympusat, Inc., a market leader in bringing independent network services to cable, satellite and telecommunication providers. Olympusat also provides technical and distribution services for 12 of the top religious and family networks in the world including Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Daystar, Inspiration (INSP), God TV and FamilyNet.

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