adverCar Technology Platform Connects Brands with Specific Drivers to Take Campaigns into Communities

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San Francisco, CA, April 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AdTech : Moscone Center, adverCar™, a new way for advertisers to permeate local communities with targeted campaigns, today previews its proven technology platform to match progressive advertisers with drivers who can literally 'drive' their messages into communities where billboards and radio advertising cannot.

adverCar Technology Platforms Tracks, in Real-Time, Where Drivers are the Roads and Freeways

adverCar Technology Platform Shows Advertisers the Actual Numbers and Roadways Campaigns are Taken

Unlike existing outdoor ad targeting, adverCar's platform uses geographic and demographic data to drive specific results. For example, adverCar matches 'family-centric' to cars in family neighborhoods, and it ensures the primary drivers of the campaign have kids between 1-3, giving the brand a person who can talk first-hand about their products. Another example might be McDonalds, who may want to reach people within three miles of its restaurant locations. adverCar matches using historical GPS driver data, but also selects drivers who have indicated their passion for McDonalds' brand.

"The level of specificity can get very detailed, depending on precisely what each campaign is looking to achieve. We can tailor campaigns around focused events, hiring talent to ramp up sales, boosting visibility around a new product, driving sales into a newly opened physical location, and many more. We've already run close to 100 campaigns, and have achieved a variety of goals for our customers, all which touch the bottom line," said Neil Turner, adverCar founder and CEO.

adverCar campaigns have proven to be highly successful in a variety of markets - reaching car owners in a highly captive environment. Advertisers leverage adverCar's technology platform to match drivers with suitable ad campaigns to reach the best possible driver demographic, geographic, driver passion, and more, in very targeted environments, where they work, live and play.

adverCar's most recent campaign is Urban Sitter, who matches parents with babysitters through a trusted social network. adverCar deployed 50+ parent drivers who talk passionately about Urban Sitter's service, giving other parents a source for babysitters while driving kids to school, soccer practices, work, and grocery shopping.

adverCar delivers a trusted method of WOM targeting, helping brands deliver on a message that works specifically with this media, and brings a personal flair with drivers who want to share their favorite brands within their own intimate communities. adverDrivers uniquely spread a brand's story by showcasing messages on their personal autos, and talking to interested people as they meander through their daily lives. Drivers are chosen based on commutes, and other attributes, and become significant social influencers for the brand they carry around with them each day.

Once adverCar approves a driver, its technology platform performs a variety of matching functions, based on proprietary algorithmic formulas, including specific demographic profiles, zip codes, car type, color, like-minded customers, commute routes, miles driven, minutes parked, minutes moving, highway driving, local road driving, and more.

About adverCar

adverCar provides a new way for brands to weave their message into the fabric of consumers lives using a technology platform that partners outdoor mobile ads with everyday drivers. Leveraging drivers' personal brand enthusiasm to trigger an influenced response, advertisers benefit by working with adverCar to produce old-fashioned Word-of-Mouth advertising.

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