Contactive Redefines Caller ID with App for Android


New York, April 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Contactive ( announces the launch of its Android app, available for free on Google Play. The call management app supercharges both the address book and caller ID functionalities by providing users with up-to-date information of contacts and unknown callers. By automating the process of searching phone numbers and names, scanning public directories, and sifting through multiple social network updates, Contactive instantly displays all the vital information about a caller, as the call is coming in.

"Contactive is the natural evolution of Caller ID," said Inaki Berenguer, CEO of Contactive. "We used to Google people or phone numbers to read more about them on LinkedIn, Yelp and Facebook - looking for bits of information of who's calling and if it matters. It only makes sense that our smartphones do that work for us automatically, instantly for every incoming call. I was tired of missing calls because I wasn't sure if it was my bank or a telemarketer."

With the app, users can see essential details such as a photo, name, email address, latest tweet, current city, and job associated with every phone number. Contactive provides caller profiles by scouring public information across the Internet and combining it with the personal address book and social networks. Its growing list of sources includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yelp, Google Places, White/Yellow Pages, and Contactive's Global Directory. Within milliseconds, Contactive executes hundreds of searches and applies machine learning to present users with a valuable, elegant touchpoint that shows them who's calling.

Berenguer explained, "Over the past few years, the number of profiles and online identities created by people and businesses has exploded. By applying machine learning, probabilistic theory, and big data, Contactive connects all these public profiles into a universal identity graph. With Contactive, we disrupt your address book and caller id to make your calling experience more fun, contextual and productive."

For more information visit or contact at (347) 652-5855.

About Contactive

Contactive is a call management and directory service that unites the functionality of the mobile phone with the knowledge of the Internet. It aggregates information from social networks, publicly available sources, and Contactive's Global Directory to display caller profiles. The Android app is available for free through Google Play. Contactive is based out of New York City and is a subsidiary of SingTel's Digital L!fe Group, which focuses on creating new digital growth engines to delight customers and disrupt adjacent industries.

CONTACT: Helen Cho (347) 652-5855.

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