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Chicago, IL, April 11, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Are you ready for Chicago's allergy season? Spring allergies are already on their way, but there's still time to prep your immune system against tree pollen, grasses, and other warm-weather allergens. Chicago allergist, Brian Rotskoff, MD of Clarity Allergy Center, has an accelerated solution to spring allergies: cluster immunotherapy (CIT). Through concentrated dosing of the same antigens used in regular allergy shots, patients achieve faster immunity from environmental allergies, hay fever, allergic asthma, and even pet allergies.


"The benefits of immunotherapy are significant," says Dr. Rotskoff whose allergy treatment starts with allergy testing, followed by traditional allergy shots (subcutaneous immunotherapy), allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy), or cluster immunotherapy. Essentially a frontloading of regular allergy shots, cluster immunotherapy helps patients achieve lasting allergy relief in as little as six weeks.

With cluster immunotherapy, injections of a custom antigen are given over a period of six to eight weeks. Appointments, up to two per week, are usually 1-2 hours per visit. Ultimately, that up-front commitment saves time and speeds results.

"We're condensing what is normally a 9-12 month ramp-up phase into a month and a half, in some cases," says Dr. Rotskoff. "It's a hard hitting approach to allergy treatment, but for busy adults it's well worth the time to treat their allergies once and for all."

Cluster Immunotherapy Fast Facts

  • "Clustering" of traditional allergy shots (subcutaneous immunotherapy)
  • Allergic patient is exposed to gradually increasing doses of a custom-blended antigen
  • Decreases sensitivity and reaction to patients individual allergy triggers
  • Allergy immunity achieved 3-4x faster than with traditional allergy shot spacing
  • Monthly booster injections given for permanent allergy "cure" in 3-5 years

"Allergy shots are considered an allergy cure because they address the problem at the source," Dr. Rotskoff explains. "Rather than masking allergy symptoms like over-the-counter meds do, injected antigens alter the body's response to allergy triggers. We're retraining your immune system for lasting prevention of those symptoms."

Before starting allergy shots, patients undergo in-office allergy testing. With those results, Dr. Rotskoff custom blends each person's antigen and a phased injection plan is used to introduce gradually increasing doses. Patients who start today can realistically reach the maintenance phase with minimal, residual allergy symptoms this spring.

Learn more at www.clarityallergycenter.comor call 773-877-3500 for an appointment at one of Clarity Allergy Center's three locations throughout Chicago, North Chicago, and Arlington Heights.

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