Some Cancers ‘Absolutely’ Curable: Celgene CEO

The fight against cancer is advancing on several important fronts, including treatments and research, Celgene CEO Robert Hugin told CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Thursday.

"The progress we've had in some cancers like multiple myeloma are being replicated across the cancer spectrum," the executive told CNBC. "People are living longer, with higher-quality lives. This improvement is going to accelerate even further over the next couple of years."

Hugin said he believes that a number of cancers can be cured outright.

"In the next couple of years, you are going to see certain cancers absolutely cured for patients," he said.

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Biotech stocks in general have been on a run this year, with Celgene up 57 percent, Gilead Sciences up 40 percent, Biogen Idec up 37 percent and Amgen up 25 percent.

Turning to Celgene, Hugin said it has a number of products in the pipeline and important regulatory milestones later this year.

"We're accelerating investment in the early-stage pipeline to ensure we have long-term sustainable growth," he told CNBC.