TrainACE Offers Free Threat Intel Training for Virginia Cyber Security Professionals

ASHBURN, Va., April 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- "One of Northern Virginia's most prominent cyber security training providers is diving into the world of advanced threat intelligence and offering a free, live online training webinar which demo's how to analyze URLs suspected to be malicious. These types of URLs pose huge potential security threats to companies of all sizes and need to be dissected efficiently."

Northern Virginia is home to some of the biggest players in information technology. These professionals are tasked with protecting the infrastructures of government agencies, consulting firms, and countless other secure facilities. It is vital that they are staying one step ahead of attackers and constantly building upon their knowledge of both offensive and defensive strategies. TrainACE provides certification and cyber security training to Virginia's IT workforce. They also continue to provide free resources such as training seminars, webinars, and whitepapers to showcase cutting edge techniques and topics.

The latest event coming out of the organization is a webinar presented by Senior Threat Researcher, Curt Shaffer. TrainACE and Curt have worked together to design a brand new Advanced Threat Intelligence webinar that is filled with live demos on how to successfully detect the latest approach hackers have been honing in on to steal data; creating malicious URLs. This is a new chapter in cyber security that has the potential to wreak major havoc on any internet user.

Threat Intel professional Curt Shaffer had this to say about analyzing URLs, "It's about time that security teams start to think seriously about how to do this type of analysis. It will not stop the advanced attackers all the time, but if you know what they are after and their standard Modus Operandi, you can win sometimes and at least be alerted in an early warning system of nefarious behavior going on in your network."

TrainACE has become well known in the NoVA area for providing top notch, interactive training seminars with free registration. Just earlier this month, they hosted a Hacker's Breakfast seminar featuring two well-known subject matter experts who spoke on advanced persistent threat and honey netting. These events are consistently rolled out and are archived on their website for future viewing. Be on the lookout for additional live events and whitepapers to be posted which will help certified individuals gain CEUs and CPEs.

Advanced Security by TrainACE is an international, award winning leader of cyber security training. TrainACE specializes in CISSP online training, Security+ online training, and cyber security training. They are located at 45195 Research Place, Suite 120, Ashburn, VA. Contact a training coordinator at (571) 209 - 9234.

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